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Natalie Wood Selected Filmography:
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Birth Name: Natasha Nikolaevna Zakharenko
Date Of Birth: 20th July 1938
Place Of Birth: San Francisco, California, USA
Date Of Death: 29th November 1981 (drowning)
Place Of Death: Santa Catalina Island, California, USA.
Height: 5'
Nickname: Natalia
Favorite Actress: Vivien Leigh
: Russian immigrants
Spouses: Robert Wagner (1957 - 1962) (divorced)
Richard Gregson (1969 - 1971) (divorced) 1 child
Robert Wagner (1972 - 1981)
(married until her death), 1 child
Actress Profile:
* Natalie appeared in her first film, "Happy Land" (1943) at the tender age of 4. She played the part of a little girl who begins to cry after dropping her ice cream cone.

* After her appearance in "Happy Land" her parents moved to L.A. in the hope that Natalie would get more film roles.

* It took 3 years before Natalie would get another film role. Her second film was "Tomorrow Is Forever" (1946) and she won the role only after her mother's persistence paid off when she convinced the casting agents to give her daughter a 2nd screen test.

* In 1947 Natalie got her breakthrough role when she won the hearts of moviegoers with her performance in the Christmas classic "Miracle on 34th Street".

* During the late 40's and early 50's Natalie continued to make small appearances in films until at age 17 she was given the female lead opposite James Dean in the critically acclaimed emotional teen drama "Rebel Without A Cause" (1955). This landmark teen film won her an Academy Award Nomination and laid the foundations for her film career.  

* In 1956 Natalie starred opposite Hollywood legend John Wayne in the western classic "The Searchers". Natalie played a young girl who was kidnapped and raised by Indians.

* In 1957 Natalie married actor Robert Wagner.

* In 1961 Natalie starred opposite George Chakiris in the blockbuster musical "West Side Story". Although Natalie did not receive an Oscar nomination the film nevertheless went on to win 10 Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director.  

* More acclaim followed for Natalie in the early 1960's with Academy Award nominations for her performances in "Splendor In The Grass" (1961) with Warren Beatty and "Love With The Proper Stranger" (1963) opposite Steve McQueen.

* In 1962 Natalie Wood & Robert Wagner were divorced.

* In 1964 & 1965 Natalie starred opposite Tony Curtis in two popular comedies "Sex And The Single Girl" and "The Great Race".  

* After a small break from films in the mid to late 1960's Natalie returned to the big screen in the popular adult comedy "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969).

* In 1969 Natalie married producer Richard Gregson. They had a daughter Natasha.

* In 1971 Natalie divorced Richard Gregson after finding out he was having an affair.

* In 1972 Natalie remarried Robert Wagner and in 1974 they had a daughter, Courtney Brooke.

* Throughout the 1970's Natalie made occasional appearances on TV ("Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" with Robert Wagner & "From Here To Eternity" with William Devane) and in feature films ("Peeper" with Michael Caine and "Meteor" with Sean Connery), preferring instead to devote more time to her family.

* In the early1980's Natalie's career looked like it was in the midst of a comeback after starring roles with George Segal in the comedy "The Last Married Couple in America" (1980), and "Brainstorm" (1983) with Christopher Walken. Unfortunately, her comeback was short lived because of her untimely death in a boating accident in 1981 just before filming on "Brainstorm" was completed. Although principle photography had been done the release of the film was still held back for 2 years. A "stand in" and a play with "camera angles" had to be used in a few scenes to complete the project.
1957 - Bombers B-52
1957 - The James Dean Story
1956 - The Girl He Left Behind
1956 - The Burning Hills
1956 - A Cry in the Night
1956 - The Searchers
1955 - Rebel Without a Cause
1955 - One Desire
1954 - The Silver Chalice
1953 - The Pride of the Family (TV)
1952 - Just for You
1952 - The Rose Bowl Story
1952 - The Star
1951 - The Blue Veil
1951 - Dear Brat
1950 - Never a Dull Moment
1950 - The Jackpot
1950 - Our Very Own
1950 - No Sad Songs for Me
1949 - Father Was a Fullback
1949 - The Green Promise
1948 - Chicken Every Sunday
1948 - Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!
1947 - Driftwood
1947 - The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
1947 - Miracle on 34th Street
1946 - The Bride Wore Boots
1946 - Tomorrow Is Forever
1943 - Happy Land (uncredited)
1983 - Brainstorm
1980 - The Last Married Couple in America
1980 - Willie and Phil
1980 - The Memory of Eva Ryker (TV)
1979 - Meteor
1979 - Hart to Hart (TV) (Cameo appearance)
1979 - The Cracker Factory (TV)
1979 - From Here to Eternity (Mini-Series)
1976 - Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (TV)
1975 - Elizabeth Taylor: Hollywood's Child (TV)
1975 - James Dean, The First American Teenager
1975 - Peeper
1974 - I'm a Stranger Here Myself
1973 - The Affair (TV)
1972 - The Candidate
1969 - Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
1966 - Penelope
1966 - This Property Is Condemned
1965 - Inside Daisy Clover
1965 - The Great Race
1964 - Sex and the Single Girl
1963 - Love with the Proper Stranger
1962 - Gypsy
1961 - West Side Story
1961 - Splendor in the Grass
1960 - All the Fine Young Cannibals
1960 - Cash McCall
1958 - Marjorie Morningstar
1958 - Kings Go Forth
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