"Summer Job" is a wet & wild 80's teen sex comedy set on the sunny beaches & resorts of tropical Florida. The following "Wanted Poster" on the video case covers sum up the outrageous antics that the film's characters get up to.

"Wanted: 10 irresponsible, beautiful & lusty college students to work in an exotic Florida resort during summer. Experience is not essential but enthusiasm is. Duties will include - Flirting outrageously with the opposite sex, getting involved in zany pranks, mischief & titillating escapades. Enjoying the hot music of Orkestra. Swimming, dancing, sunbaking & …Oh yeah, a little bit of work."

The teens in "Summer Job" couldn't pass up a job offer like this & now they're on their way to having the best summer of their lives. As the film's tagline says "Someone could get hurt having this much fun!". "Summer Job" features an enjoyable 80's soundtrack with an Original score by OrKestra & the talents of Kelly Groucutt & Mik Kaminski formerly of ELO. If you're in the mood for bikini's & plenty of beach hi-jinks then "Summer Job" is the movie for you.
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Summer Job
Teen Movies of The 1980's

TITLE : Summer Job
CLASSIFICATION : M            
DIRECTOR : Paul Madden  
STARRING : Sherrie Rose, James Summer, Amy Lynn Baxter, Cari Mayor, Renee Shugart, George O, Fred Bourdin, Chantal, Dave Clouse, Jim Pelish, Hilly Gordon, Sherry Reichert, Kathleen Neu,  Fannie Annie, Bonnie Precious
* Someone Could Get Caught Having This Much Fun!
* Grab Your Ray Bans, your suntan lotion & your skimpiest bikini. You've just landed your first .... Summer Job
"Summer Job"  is available to buy on VHS.
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Summer Job(1989) VHS
They put the temperature in temporary employment, a sizzling batch of coed cuties who sign on for the summer at a lush tropical resort, half-dressed for success and ready to serve. Fun-filled romp stars Sherrie Rose, Amy Baxter. 92 min.

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Summer Job
Fun at the beach in Summer Job
The cast of Summer Job