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This page was last updated July 24th 2003
Bond & Other Secret Agents
Jean Paul Belmondo
& Françoise Dorléac
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"That Man From Rio" on VHS:
TITLE : That Man From Rio
DIRECTOR : Philippe de Broca
STARRING : Jean-Paul Belmondo, Françoise Dorléac, Jean Servais, Simone Renant, Roger Dumas, Daniel Ceccaldi, Milton Ribeiro, Ubiracy De Oliveira, Sabu Do Brasil, Adolfo Celi, Louise Chevalier, Sebastião de Oliveira, Max Elloy, Peter Fernandez, Osmar Ferrão.

* Parachutes...Alligators...Murderers...Women...You Think It's Easy? "Only For A Great Adventurer Like Me"
"That Man
From Rio"
Tony's Comments:
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Film Facts:
"That Man From Rio" is a riotous spy adventure spoof in the tradition of James Bond and other secret agents. French superstar Jean Paul Belmondo performs his own death-defying stunts as he swings from vines, chases speeding cars, dangles from rooftops & parachutes into remote jungles. Set in exotic locations such as Paris, Brasilia, Rio & the Amazon heartland, this film has got it all, murderous thieves, kidnapping, alligators, speedboat chases & lost ancient treasure. "That Man From Rio" is jam-packed with romance, action & adventure. It has all the elements of later big budget Hollywood productions such as "Indiana Jones" & "Romancing The Stone". Although, an international hit way back in the 1960's, "That Man From Rio", still stands today as an entertaining piece of escapism. In fact the film was so popular in its day that an unofficial sequel, "Chinese Adventures In China" was released the following year, with the same director & co-starring with Belmondo this time was former Bond Girl, Ursula Andress.
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That Man From Rio(1964) VHS
A spoof of spy movies from director Philippe de Broca ("King of Hearts") finds French pilot Jean-Paul Belmondo tracking his girlfriend (Francoise Dorleac) after she's kidnapped by South American Indians in search of priceless statues. 114 min. In French with English subtitles. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Movies on VHS & DVD
The Many Faces Of Bond
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That Man From Rio VHS