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The Delinquents
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Film Facts:
"The Delinquents"
DVD Synopsis:
TITLE : The Delinquents
DIRECTOR : Robert Altman

: Tommy Laughlin, Peter Miller, Richard Bakalyan, Rosemary Howard, Helen Hawley, Leonard Belove, Lotus Corelli, James Lantz, Christine Altman

* The kids that live today like there's no tomorrow!
* The screen's most shocking expose of the baby-faces who have just taken their first stumbling step down sin street, USA.!
* The real story - too long untouched! The rotten core - too long unprobed! The big questions - too long unanswered...about the ravaged lives in today's adolescent  jungles!
* The Hoods Of Tomorrow! The Gun-Molls Of The Future!
This is a hard-hitting motion picture that takes off the kid gloves & puts on the brass knuckles in a smashing expose of today's children of violence - who just "gotta have action"!

Scotty White (age 19) must stop ‘going steady’ with Janice Wilson (age 16) when Janice’s parents intervene. Frustrated, idle and without Janice’s restraining influence, Scotty encounters Cholly and his band of disorganized, fun-loving delinquents. Soon he has Janice (who seems considerably the more  mature of the two) mixed up in their doings, which begin to seem less and less like harmless fun....
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"The Delinquents" starring Tom "Billy Jack" Laughlin
Now available for purchase on DVD.
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Starring  Tom "Billy Jack" Laughlin
Other Tom Laughlin movies now available for purchase on DVD.
Born Losers [DVD](1967) DVD
The character of Billy Jack was first introduced in this wild biker flick, with Tom Laughlin helping a young dropout (Elizabeth James) break free from a vicious gang. With a special appearance by Jane Russell; directed by T.C. Frank (Laughlin). 110 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English.

Billy Jack [DVD](1971) DVD
Tom Laughlin directed, wrote, starred in and probably delivered the film for this legendary saga of a half-breed, karate-trained war hero defending a kids' school from bigoted townspeople. Drama that became a calling-card for pacifism during the '70s co-stars Delores Taylor, Kenneth Tobey; look closely for Howard Hesseman. 114 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.

The Trial Of Billy Jack [DVD](1974) DVD
Tom Laughlin is back as pacifist Native American martial arts expert Billy Jack in this powerhouse drama. When the Freedom School is occupied by the National Guard, Billy springs into action, battling the military and rednecks who want to take the freedom out of the Freedom School. With Delores Taylor, Master Bong Soo Han, and Sacheen Littlefeather. 140 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English.

Billy Jack Goes To Washington [DVD](1977) DVD
In this reworking of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," Tom Laughlin's Billy Jack fills the unexpired term of a deceased U.S. senator and tries to expose the corruption and conspiracies that engulf the U.S. government. Delores Taylor, Lucie Arnaz, E.G. Marshall and Sam Wanamaker also star; Frank Capra, Jr. co-produced. 110 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English.

The Master Gunfighter [DVD](1975) DVD
Much-asked-for sagebrush epic with "Billy Jack" maestro Tom Laughlin as the title character, an expert with guns and swords, who is called on to help a Native American tribe threatened by a land-grabbing don in California in 1836. Wild action sequences, an incredible gun called the LeMat, and Laughlin's political views all play essential parts in the story. With Ron O'Neal and Barbara Carrera. 90 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English; audio commentary by Laughlin; interviews; photo gallery; trivia.

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The Delinquents DVD
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