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The Heavenly Kid
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Teen Movies Of The 1980's
Film Facts:
TITLE : The Heavenly Kid
DIRECTOR : Cary Medoway

: Lewis Smith, Jason Gedrick, Jane Kaczmarek, Richard Mulligan, Mark Metcalf

* Thou Shalt Be Cool!
* In Life And Love We're All Just Winging It!
* For Bobby to go Uptown, he must look into his heart.
* 1962 was a bad year for Bobby. First he drove 300ft over a cliff, then they wouldn't let him into heaven...
* You never know who's looking out for you.
* Back in the 60's, on a dark deserted highway, Bobby and his '57 Chevy bought it at 90 miles an hour. Today he's making a comeback.
The spirit of a young man who was killed in an auto accident must earn his "ticket to heaven" by helping a mortal through a life crisis. When he successfully completes his mission, he will become "The Heavenly Kid."

When Bobby dies in a car accident he is not allowed to enter heaven but has to stay in one of the lower levels until he has worked enough as an guardian angel in order to deserve paradise. One of his jobs is Lenny, a gifted boy, who loves his schoolmate Sharon who is the most beautiful girl of the class. But she does not even notice him so that he is about to commit suicide. Bobby prevents this and dresses Lenny up making him a playboy and tough guy so that he gets what he wants although Bobby knows that this is not the best. Thinking that his job is done, Bobby realizes that Lenny's mother is his former girlfriend who has married another guy. Although not being allowed he makes himself visible to her...
"The Heavenly Kid" Plot Synopsis:
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The Heavenly Kid [DVD](1985) DVD
A teenage rebel who died in the '60s comes back to Earth in the '80s as the guardian angel to a shy high schooler in this delightful fantasy-comedy. Lewis Smith, Jane Kaczmarek, Richard Mulligan, and Jason Gedrick star. 91 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital stereo, French Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English, French.

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