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"The Nude Bomb"
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TITLE :  The Nude Bomb
DIRECTOR : Clive Donner  

Don Adams, Sylvia Kristel, Rhonda Fleming, Dana Elcar, Pamela Hensley, Andrea Howard,  Norman Lloyd, Bill Dana, Gary Imhoff, Sarah Rush, Vittorio Gassman.
"The Nude Bomb" was the first Maxwell Smart feature movie based on the successful long-running television series "Get Smart".  In this film Max comes out of retirement to capture a dangerous KAOS villian who has invented a bomb that will destroy people's clothing. Max has only 48 hours to save the world from extreme nakedness.

Action & comedy combine as the assignment leads Max to Universal Studios in Hollywood. The film makes good use of the Universal Backlot & Studio Tour. If you haven't been to Universal Studios, after seeing this film you might want to go. I know I certainly did, when I saw it many years ago.

"The Nude Bomb" is an enjoyable spoof of the secret agent genre & Don Adams does his best to compensate for a mediocre script, but this feature unfortunately is not as good as it could of been. It sadly misses members of the original "Get Smart" supporting cast, in particular Barbara Feldon as 99. A number of years later,  Maxwell Smart returned as Agent 86 in the made for televison feature film "Get Smart Again" (1989). In this one Barbara Feldon made a welcome return & the film pleased the fans of the original TV series. Regardless of what some critics say "The Nude Bomb" & "Get Smart Again" are both fun films & Don Adams is always great to watch as the one & only secret agent, Maxwell Smart.
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The Nude Bomb(1980) VHS
Famed "Get Smart" agent Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) is on his most dangerous case ever, trying to stop KAOS from dropping a bomb that would destroy all existing fabric worldwide. And would you believe he only has 48 hours to save the day? Sylvia Kristel, Rhonda Fleming, Vittorio Gassman also star. 94 min.

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