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The Punisher
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This page was last updated January 17th 2004
Comic Book Super Heroes
Film Facts :
"The Punisher" Film Synopsis Coming Soon :
TITLE : The Punisher
DIRECTOR : Jonathan Hensleigh
STARRING : Thomas Jane, John Travolta, A. Russell Andrews, John Baker, James Carpinello, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Ben Foster, Laura Harring, Samantha Mathis, Roy Scheider
TAGLINE : The Punishment Begins April 16, 2004
"The Punisher" -  Release Dates
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Country Date
Canada 16 April 2004  
USA 16 April 2004  
Finland 23 April 2004  
Norway 23 April 2004  
Germany 29 April 2004  
Netherlands 29 April 2004  
Denmark 30 April 2004  
Iceland 30 April 2004  
Belgium 5 May 2004  
UK 7 May 2004  
Czech Republic 20 May 2004  
France 16 June 2004  
New Zealand October 2004  
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"The Punisher" with Dolph Lundgren
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The Punisher [DVD](1990) DVD
Rip-roaring, action-packed yarn with Dolph Lundgren as Marvel Comics creation Frank Castle, a streetwise cop who escapes a Mafia car bomb that kills his entire family. He heads underground to the city's sewers, where he carries out an all-out war against crime. Lou Gossett, Jr., Jeroen Krabbe, Kim Myori co-star. 92 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital Surround; theatrical trailer; scene access.

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