TITLE: The Scorpion King
DIRECTOR: Chuck Russell
STARRING : The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), Steven Brand, Kelly Hu, Michael Clarke Duncan, Grant Heslov, Peter Facinelli, Ralph Moeller,  Scott L. Schwartz, Andrei Sterling, Sherri Howard, Sole Alberti, Summer Altice, Richard Cetrone, Esteban Cueto, Bernard Hill, Amy Hunter, Adoni Maropis, Woon Young Park, Roger Rees, Branscombe Richmond.
* Warrior. Legend. King.
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Film Facts:
The Scorpion King

The Scorpion King: Cinema Synopsis
Inspired by the legendary Egyptian warrior, 'The Scorpion King' is set 5,000 years ago in the notorious city of Gomorrah, where an evil ruler is determined to lay waste to all the nomadic peoples of the desert. The few remaining tribes, never natural allies, have to unite or perish. Knowing their enemy relies on the visions of a sorcerer, they hire a skilled assassin, Mathayus (The Rock), to eliminate the visionary.

After infiltrating the enemy camp, Mathayus discovers that the sorcerer is in fact a beautiful woman (Kelly Hu). Rather than eliminate her, he takes her deep into the desert badlands, knowing that the ruler's henchmen will stop at nothing to rescue her and bring her back. Seriously wounded in the ensuing battle, Mathayus must find the strength to lead his scrappy band of allies back to Gomorrah for a final confrontation.

The Scorpion King: Tony's Comments
In the tradition of  "Conan The Barbarian" comes the "The Scorpion King", a $60 million dollar sword and sandal epic that could revive the genre and turn WWF wrestler "The Rock" into the action superstar of the New Millennium. "The Scorpion King" is in fact a spin off or prequel to "The Mummy Returns". It begins with a thrilling rescue sequence and then continues to move at an unrelenting pace from one action set piece to the next. "The Rock" is the first larger than life action hero with a strong physical presence to come along since Arnold Schwarzenegger wielded his mighty sword in "Conan". With this film "The Rock" has been given a dream role. He fits the character of the warrior who becomes a king, like a glove. "The Scorpion King" is a return to the golden age of peplum movies and he-man action heroes. The action is fast and furious, the sword fights spectacular, the sets lavish, and the humour is tongue in cheek. The film is perfect fodder for male cinemagoers and bridges the generation gap by having a special appeal to both fathers and sons. In simple terms "The Scorpion King" is perfect escapism and one of the most enjoyable pieces of popcorn entertainment to hit cinema screens in years.
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Cinema Synopsis & Tony's Comments:
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The Scorpion King (Widescreen Version) [DVD](2002) DVD
Wrestling superstar the Rock flexes his muscles as assassin-turned-hero Mathayus in the effects-filled prequel to "The Mummy Returns." Hired to kill the wizard who is helping an evil ruler conquer the desert kingdoms, Mathayus has a change of heart when he finds his target is beautiful sorceress Kelly Hu and, with help from Hu and ally Michael Clarke Duncan, sets out to depose the despot. Hit fantasy actioner also stars Steven Brand, Bernard Hill. 92 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, French Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: Spanish; audio commentary; alternate scenes; deleted scenes; "making of" featurettes; music video; DVD-ROM content; more.

The Scorpion King [DVD](2002) DVD
The Scorpion King [VHS](2002) VHS
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