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The Young Ones
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The new DVD case cover featuring Cliff Richard singing "Got A Funny Feeling" at the beginning of "The  Young Ones"

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Two early video case covers featuring Cliff Richard in full swing singing "We Say Yeah" in the finale of "The Young Ones".
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TITLE :  The Young Ones (aka Wonderful to Be Young!)
CLASSIFICATION :  PG                
DIRECTOR : Sidney J. Furie  
STARRING :  Cliff Richard, Robert Morley, Carole Gray, Tony Meehan, Jet Harris, Bruce Welch, Teddy Green, Richard O'Sullivan, Melvyn Hayes, Annette Robertson, Robertson Hare, Sonya Cordeau, Sean Sullivan, Harold Scott
In the early 1960's, before The Beatles, there was Elvis Presley, the undisputed king of Rock n Roll and of course there was Cliff Richard, the only singer that came close to rivaling Elvis Presley for popularity. Cliff Richard was Britain's answer to America's Elvis Presley. "The Young Ones" was the perfect showcase for Cliff's outstanding singing talent. Cliff Richard was perfectly cast in his first major starring role. The film also proved that Cliff could not only sing but that he could also act. "The Young Ones" was a huge hit worldwide and established Cliff Richard as the world's newest singing sensation. Apart from Cliff's unique singing voice, the film also features a top-notch soundtrack, eye-catching dance routines and of course the fabulous Shadows. Who can forget The Shadow's rendition of "The Savage" to the packed audience in the old theatre & the build up to the film's finale?

"The Young Ones" is a time capsule that features early 60's Rock n Roll at its best. From the opening credit sequence ("Friday Night") and Cliff's first song ("Got A Funny Feeling" sung on stage at the youth club) to the foot stomping finale (Cliff singing "We Say Yeah" on stage in the grand old theatre to a capacity crowd of screaming teenagers) "The Young Ones" moves at a crackling pace with one musical number after the next. Considered by many to be the best British musical ever and if your from that era, "The Young Ones" will certainly have you tapping your feet and humming the tunes, if not dancing to the beat of the music in your lounge room. "The Young Ones" is Cliff Richard in the prime of his career and at his youthful best. If you haven't seen it, don't miss it, "The Young Ones" is a musical feast for the eyes & ears. The film has become a classic among Rock n Roll musicals, not only of its era but also of all time.  Highly recommended for all viewers that enjoy quality musicals.
"The Young Ones" & "Summer Holiday " Original Movie Soundtracks
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The Cliff Richard Collection [DVD] DVD
Pop goes the collection, as British rocker Cliff Richard and The Shadows are featured in this three-disc set. Along with "The Young Ones" and "Summer Holiday," you'll also get the exclusive title "Wonderful Life" (1964), in which Cliff and the fellas get mixed up with eccentric filmmaker Walter Slezak--and Richard woos actress Susan Hampshire--on the Canary Islands. Songs include "On the Beach," "Do You Remember," "Theme for Young Lovers" and more.

Expresso Bongo [DVD](1959) DVD
Fast-talking promoter Laurence Harvey thinks he's found the next teen singing sensation when he spies bongo-playing troubadour Cliff Richard in a Soho coffeehouse. Join them on the rocky road to stardom in this classic British rock-and-roll musical that also stars Sylvia Sims, Yolonde Dolan. Songs include "Bongo Blues," "Love," "A Voice in the Wilderness." 111 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English; pressbook excerpt.

The Young Ones [DVD](1961) DVD
"Once in every lifetime" comes a Cliff Richard musical like this, with the British pop idol playing a lad out to stop millionaire land developer father Robert Morley from destroying a local youth center. Cliff raises the cash to buy the land with a rock-and-roll show, but other complications ensue, including the kidnapping of Morley by one of Cliff's fans. With The Shadows, Carole Gray and Teddy Greene. Songs include ""The Young Ones," "What Do You Know We've Got a Show" and "We Say Yeah." AKA: "Wonderful to Be Young!" 108 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; audio commentary; biographies; theatrical trailer.

Summer Holiday [DVD](1963) DVD
British pop star Cliff Richard stars with his group The Shadows in this pleasing musical comedy caper in which four mechanics travel in a double-decker bus across Europe. During a trial run, they smash into a car carrying an all-girl musical trio, then decide to take them to Athens. During the tune-filled trip, the lads also encounter an American girl singer posing as a boy, talkative French mimes and more. Lauri Peters, Melvyn Hayes and Ron Moody co-star; directed by Peter Yates ("Breaking Away"). Songs include "Bachelor Boy," "Dancing Shoes" and the title track. 108 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; French Dolby Digital mono; audio commentary; biographies; theatrical trailer.

Serious Charge [DVD](1959) DVD
An unmarried British clergyman (Anthony Quayle) faces a dire stain on his reputation after a teenage delinquent (Andrew Ray) he has targeted in the murder of a young girl accuses the holy man of inappropriate sexual advances. The 19-year-old thug's spurious charges are only reinforced when a woman whose charms failed to entice the vicar adds her own dishonest, incriminating testimony. With Cliff Richard, Sarah Churchill. 99 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo.

The Young Ones Original Soundtrack
Summer Holiday [Original Soundtrack]
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