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This page was last updated April 14th 2004
A Fistful of Westerns
Film Facts:
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Chevy Chase, Steve Martin
& Martin Short
TITLE : Three Amigos
DIRECTOR : John Landis
STARRING : Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Patrice Camhi, Philip Gordon, Michael Wren, Fred Asparagus, Gene Hartline, William B. Kaplan, Sophia Lamour, Santos Morales, Joe Mantegna, Jon Lovitz, Phil Hartman, Tino Insana.
TAGLINE : They're down on their luck, and up to their necks in senoritas, margaritas, banditos and bullets!
"Three Amigos" on VHS & DVD:
The Three Amigos are a silent screen comedy act who have seen better days. So has a remote Mexican hamlet which is being terrorized by a fierce bandit gang. Finally, in desperation a naïve villager sends the actors a telegram asking for help. Thinking they're being offered a fortune for a personal appearance, the hapless trio arrives in Mexico, only to discover this time they're dodging real bullets!
"Three Amigos"
DVD Synopsis:
The stars of "Three Amigos" at Hollywood Teen Movies:
Other Great Comedy Westerns on VHS & DVD:
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More Comedy Westerns on VHS & DVD:
Three Amigos!(1986) VHS
In the 1910s, the natives of an oppressed Mexican village send a plea for help to their favorite movie star gunslingers (Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short). The hapless actors believe they're making a publicity appearance...and get stuck having to face down very real banditos! 103 min.

The Three Amigos [DVD](1986) DVD
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The Three Amigos
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Steve Martin
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Carry On Cowboy(1965) VHS
It's the Wild West, British-style, when the zany "Carry On" gang moves into Stodge City. Before long, bullets, puns and ribald jokes are flying. Comedy stars Jim Dale, Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims. 91 min.

The Outlaws Is Coming(1965) VHS
A wacky western spoof that was the final film for the Three Stooges as a team. Conservation-minded Larry, Moe and Curly Joe head to the frontier to save the buffalo and wind up helping a newspaper editor (Adam West) and the famed Annie Oakley (Nancy Kovack) battle a passel of the prairie's toughest gunslingers (played by such TV kids' show hosts as Officer Joe Bolton, Bill "Icky Twerp" Camfield and Philly's own Sally Starr). Look for Henry Gibson as an Indian. 88 min.

The Outlaws Is Coming [DVD](1965) DVD
Pardners(1956) VHS
Lively Martin-Lewis outing with Jerry as a wealthy New York millionaire who teams with ranch foreman Dean to fight a group of ornery cowpokes starting trouble in a Western town. Lots of slapstick, shooting and songs. With Lori Nelson, Jeff Morrow, Agnes Moorehead and Milton Frome. 88 min.

The Paleface(1948) VHS
Bob Hope is a daffy dentist and a shaky gun; Jane Russell is the gorgeous gunslinger Calamity Jane, and together they tame the Wild West with laughter in one of Bob's best comedies. Features the Oscar-winning song "Buttons and Bows." 91 min.

The Paleface [DVD](1948) DVD
The Shakiest Gun In The West(1968) VHS
Don Knotts rattles, and you'll roll with laughter, as he portrays a cowardly dentist who goes west and gets mistaken for a famous gunslinger! Laughs by the wagonload in this remake of "The Paleface." Jackie Coogan, Barbara Rhoades co-star. 101 min.

Rustlers' Rhapsody(1985) VHS
When a dressed-in-white singing cowboy tries to clean up the real Old West, the results are hilarious comedy and a riotous send-up of the '40s Saturday matinees. Tom Berenger, Marilu Henner, Fernando Rey and Andy Griffith star. 98 min.

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The Outlaws Is Coming
Carry On Cowboy
The Shakiest Gun In The West
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