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Best Picture Winners
Film Facts:
Renée Zellweger ,
Catherine Zeta-Jones,
& Richard Gere
TITLE : Chicago
DIRECTOR : Rob Marshall
STARRING : Renée Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Richard Gere, Queen Latifah, John C Reilly, Christine Baranski, Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs, Colm Feore, Dominic West, Deirdre Goodwin.
* A flash of leg, the taste of gin, the smell of corruption, and things that go bump in the night. Anywhere else it would be a crime, but this is Chicago.
* If you can't be famous...be infamous.
* With the right song and dance, you can get away with murder.
* In a city where everyone loves a legend, there's only room for one.
* Murder, greed, corruption, violence, exploitation, adultery, treachery. And all that jazz.
* It's Just A Noisy Hall Where There's A Nightly Brawl...and All That Jazz
"Chicago" Movie Soundtrack:
"Chicago" Cinema Synopsis:

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Roxie Hart (Renee Zellweger) and Velma Kelley (Catherine Zeta-Jones) are two women who want to be stars. They both also happen to be on Chicago’s murderess’s row.

Roxie has killed her abusive lover and Velma has shot her two-timing husband. Seeing the story of a lifetime, Velma’s slick lawyer, Billy Flynn (Richard Gere), postpones her court date to take on Roxie’s case, turning her story into a headline - and Roxie into a star!

With the limelight taken off her, Velma fumes, but she hasn’t given up yet, and the two women try to outdo each other in their sensational pursuit of fame and celebrity - behind bars!

Chicago is the big screen version of the award-winning musical about murder, greed, corruption, adultery, treachery…and all that jazz.

Renee Zellweger & Richard Gere at Hollywood Teen Movies:
The critically acclaimed muscial drama "Chicgao" is the winner of 6 Academy Awards including, Best Picture, Best Editing & Best Supporting Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Catherine Zeta-Jones at Hollywood Teen Movies:
"Chicago" on DVD:
Chicago Soundtrack - Various Artists
Richard Gere
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Best Picture Academy Award Winners [Blu-ray]
Five-disc set includes "The English Patient," "Shakespeare in Love," "Chicago" (2002), "Crash" (2005), and "No Country for Old Men."

Chicago [Blu-ray](2002)
All the "razzle dazzle" of the Kander and Ebb/Bob Fosse stage musical is captured in this electrifying film that garnered six Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Supporting Actress. Renee Zellweger is '20s Windy City housewife Roxie Hart who meets fellow accused murderess Catherine Zeta-Jones in the slammer, with both of them being represented by slick lawyer Richard Gere. Songs include "All That Jazz ," "Funny Honey," and "Nowadays." With John C. Reilly, Queen Latifah. 113 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English.

Chicago [DVD](1927) DVD
Derived from the same Maurine Watkins stage hit that gave rise to the Broadway musical and Oscar-winning movie versions, this silent melodrama is the based-on-a-truly-sordid story of sexy flapper Roxie Hart (Phyllis Haver), who shoots her lover (Eugene Pallette) when he tries to break off their affair. Roxie's loyal husband (Victor Varconi) hopes for the best at trial as hotshot lawyer Billy Flynn (Robert Edeson) coaches the vain murderess on how to fake her innocence. With Virginia Bradford, May Robson. 118 min. Standard; Soundtrack: music score; bonus films "The Golden Twenties" (1950), "The Flapper Story" (1985). Silent with music score. Two-disc set.

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