The star of the film however, Lee Montgomery, did not go on to fame & fortune like the rest of the cast. He was the child star of the Walt Disney classic "The Million Dollar Duck" & "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" should have been his breakthrough film but unfortunately his career seems to have stagnated & we do not hear very much of him these days. But fans, particularly female fans of "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" will not forget him. His character of Jeff Malene will linger on in their memories. He had a good screen presence, particularly in his scenes with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Director, Alan Metter, made his directorial debut with "Girls Just Want To Have Fun". A year later he went on to make the successful "Back To School" with Rodney Dangerfield. "Back to School" grossed more than $100 million on its initial release. Alan's clever casting of Sarah Jessica Parker & Helen Hunt in their first lead roles helped make "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" the cult classic that it is today.

I first saw "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" when it was a New release video in 1986. I was very young then but I loved the movie. I did not see it again until about 10 years later. It was almost like watching a new movie all over again. It was even better on the 2nd viewing. I now own a copy of it & have watched it many times. I still enjoy it every time.

The plot is simple, predictable but nevertheless very effective & what's most important, it makes you feel good. You may even want to get up & start dancing after you've seen it. Sarah Jessica Parker plays Janey Glenn, a catholic schoolgirl who dreams of one day becoming a DTV dancer. When she attends auditions with friend Helen Hunt & is accepted to appear on the TV show she is partnered with Jeff Malene (Lee Montgomery) who she eventually falls in love with. The two go through a rigorous training program for the eventual DTV dance off, which they win in spectacular style.

"Girls Just Want To Have Fun" has a bouncy pop soundtrack that sums up the true spirit of the 80's.  It is simply a fun-filled flick.  For fans of teen dance films like Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Flashdance & Breakdance it is a treat. Apart from the John Hughes classics' this is by far one of the best teen comedies of the 1980's. Good dancing, great music & fun energetic performances by the cast. "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" is 80's feel-good entertainment at its best.
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
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Performed by Alex Brown

"Dancing in the Streets"
Performed by Animotion

"Too cruel"
Performed by Amy Hart

"Wake up the Neighborhood"
Performed by Holland

"On the loose"
Performed by Chris Farren

"I can fly"
Performed by Rainey
"Dancing in Heaven (orbital be-bop)"
Performed by Q-Feel

Performed by Rainey

"Girls Just Want to Have Fun"
Performed by Deborah Galli

"Day-O (Banana Boat Song)"
Written by Lord Burges & William Attaway

"You're sixteen, you're beautiful (and you're mine)"
Written by Dick Sherman & Bob Sherman

"Girls Just Want To Have Fun" is a great 80's film that can be enjoyed by everyone. For some reason it just has that immense likeability, a unique quality that makes you want to watch it again & again. One of the main contributing factors to its success is that the film has a solid cast. Sarah Jessica Parker of "Sex in the City" fame, Academy Award winning actress Helen Hunt, Shannen Doherty of the popular TV series "Charmed" & "Beverly Hills 90210", as well as Jonathan Silverman of "Weekend At Bernies" fame in support.
TITLE :  Girls Just Want To Have Fun
DIRECTOR :  Alan Metter
STARRING :  Sarah Jessica Parker, Lee Montgomery, Helen Hunt, Shannen Doherty, Jonathan Silverman, Morgan Woodward, Ed Lauter, Holly Gagnier, Margaret Howell, Richard Blade, Lee Arnone, Biff Yeager.
TAGLINE : That's all they really want!
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Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1984) [DVD]
Sarah Jessica Parker has just one dance! And with the help of her friends and boyfriend, she gets to fulfill every girl's dream: she gets to dance on DTV! Full of laughs, fun and wacky, zany kids who just want to have fun! Also stars Helen Hunt, Lee Montgomery and Shannen Doherty. 87 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby 5.1; theatrical trailer.
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Girls Just Want To Have Fun
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