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"Lucky Man: A Memoir" by Michael J. Fox
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TITLE : High School USA
DIRECTOR : Rodney Amateau
STARRING : Michael J. Fox, Nancy McKeon, Todd Bridges, Angela Cartwright, Bob Denver, Dwayne Hickman, Lauri Hendler, Dana Plato, Crystal Bernard, Anthony Edwards, Frank Bank, Elinor Donahue  Tony Dow, Steve Franken, David Nelson.
TAGLINE: An all-star cast featuring television's best loved child stars!
Tony's Comments:
Michael J. Fox  &  Nancy McKeon
"High School U.S.A." on VHS:
Michael J. Fox  Movie Soundtracks:
"High School U.S.A." is the first of two made for TV teen movies starring Michael J. Fox & Nancy McKeon, the other one being "Poison Ivy" (1985). This early Michael J. Fox film gained popularity after the success of "Back To The Future" and "Teen Wolf" and today is a very sort after curiosity piece. "High School U.S.A." features an all-star cast of TV favourites from the 60's, 70's & 80's. Famous faces include; Todd Bridges and Dana Plato (Different Strokes), Tony Dow (Leave It to Beaver), Dwayne Hickman (Dobbie Gillis), David Nelson (Ozzie and Harriet) and Bob Denver (Gilligan's Island), just to name a few. With Michael J.Fox at his youthful best and the "who's who" of American television, "High School U.S.A." is certainly well worth a look at.
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"Midnight Madness" another early
Michael J. Fox movie  on VHS & DVD:
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Lucky Man: A Memoir by Michael J. Fox
Back To The Future Trilogy (Film Score Re-recording)
Back To The Future: Music From The Motion Picture
High School U.S.A.(1984) VHS
Some of the top young TV stars of the '80s (Michael J. Fox, Nancy McKeon, Todd Bridges) and the '60s (Tony Dow, Angela Cartwright, Bob Denver, Dwayne Hickman) star in this laugh-filled look at teenage life in modern America. 96 min.

Midnight Madness(1980) VHS
Follow a group of college students as they turn the streets and tourist sites of L.A. upside-down in an all-night scavenger hunt. This wild romp was notable for being the Disney company's first entry in the "teen comedy" genre (although it was released without the studio's imprint) and for featuring Michael J. Fox in his film debut. David Naughton, Debra Clinger, Stephen Furst and Eddie Deezen star. 112 min.

Midnight Madness [DVD](1980) DVD
The Secret Of My Success: Music From The Motion Picture
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High School USA
Midnight Madness
Michael & Nancy in High School USA