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"If Looks Could Kill", known in some parts of the world as "Teen Agent", is a lively & very entertaining spoof of the James Bond films. Richard Grieco is excellent in the role of Michael Corbin, the youth who after a simple misunderstanding is thrown into the exciting fantasy world of fast cars, secret agents, beautiful woman & larger-than life villains.

Richard Grieco took a break from his TV roles (21 Jump Street & Booker) to star as the young high school student who becomes a "Teen Agent". In a true James Bond style indoctrination, (that gadget expert Q would be proud of) he is given a flashy red sports car, x-ray sunglasses, explosive bubble gum & then sent on his world saving mission. The Bond-style action sequences throughout the film are well staged & piled on.
TITLE :  If Looks Could Kill
DIRECTOR :  William Dear
STARRING :  Richard Grieco, Linda Hunt, Gabrielle Anwar, Roger Rees, Roger Daltry
* He's a student mistaken for a spy. Now all he has to do is rescue a beautiful girl, save all of Europe and graduate from high school. No problem.
* He's having the adventure of someone else's life.
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Oscar winner Linda Hunt co-stars as a whip-cracking villain & plays the role tongue-in-cheek, a charicature of the female Russian assassin (knife in shoe) from the James Bond classic "From Russia With Love". Along the way we meet Grieco's love interest, played by the pretty Gabrielle Anwar & also, rock star Roger Daltry makes a brief appearance as secret agent, Blade.

Just as the case cover says "He's having the adventure of someone else's life" & any teen who watches this movie is sure to have the time of their life. "If Looks Could Kill" is a fast-paced jolt of action, comedy & espionage. Don't miss this underrated gem.
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If Looks Could Kill [DVD](1991) DVD
Hunky Richard Grieco plays a high school student who gets thrown into the world of espionage, secret agents, and dangerous chases when he's mistaken for a spy while vacationing in Europe. Linda Hunt, Roger Rees, and Gabrielle Anwar also star in this funny, thrilling sleuth spoof. 88 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital Surround stereo.

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If Looks Could Kill
Richard Grieco & Gabrielle Anwar
Alternative title poster Teen Agent
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