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This page was last updated May 20th 2003
Bond & Other
Secret Agents
DIRECTOR : Betty Thomas
STARRING : Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson, Famke Janssen, Malcolm McDowell, Gary Cole, Phill Lewis, Viv Leacock, Keith Dallas,Tate Taylor, Lynda Boyd, Bill Mondy, Larry Merchant, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jimmy Lennon Jr., Joe Cortez.
TAGLINE : Attitude meets espionage
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Kelly is teamed up with Alex Scott (Wilson), a clumsy government agent who might know the ropes about the business but often gets them tangled, as witnessed in a mismanaged mission in the opening sequence. As an operative, Alex plays second fiddle to the agency’s slick No. 1 man, Carlos (Gary Cole). He’s sulky when Carlos always ends up with the best gadgets to play with, while he gets clunky out-dated models. Alex has a different kind of problem with another colleague, Rachel (Famke Janssen); he’s mad about her, but he’s too shy to show her his real feelings.

When Kelly swaggers onto the scene and starts to throw his weight around, things get off to a bad start, but Alex realises that the best way to get him to do what he wants is to feed his ego and their relationship moves from instant dislike to a mutual admiration society - on an on-and-off basis. Kelly even tries to help Alex out with Rachel in a funny Cyrano De Bergerac-style “seduction” that has Alex repeating a sexy come-on relayed to him from Kelly (who steals it from the Marvin Gaye song, “Sexual Healing”).

The mission, that essentially takes a back seat to the comic clash between Kelly and Alex, concerns a high-tech prototype stealth bomber known as the “Switchblade”, which has been stolen from the US Air Force by illegal arms dealer, Arnold Gundars (Malcolm McDowell). This chameleon-like weapon has the capacity to blend into any background - something like the alien in the Predator movies. Kelly and Alex have to track down and stop Gundars before he sells off the jet to the highest bidder.
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Based on the TV series that started life in the mid-‘60s and starred Bill Cosby and Robert Culp, the big-screen I Spy unites Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson. Eddie plays Kelly Robinson, a professional boxer and tireless self-promoter. He is introduced defending his middleweight title in a shamelessly showy bout in which he comes across as a cocky combination of Muhammad Ali - and Stevie Wonder! Kelly is a brash, loudmouth who talks about himself in the third person; he’s the kind of guy who remains blasé when he receives a personal call from the President (George W, that is) who needs his help in a top-secret assignment.
I Spy
I Spy
27 in x 40 in
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Beverly Hills Cop: Music From The Motion Picture
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Beverly Hills Cop II: The Motion Picture Soundtrack
Beverly Hills Cop III: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
I Spy(2002) VHS
The popular '60s TV show is turned into a thrilling action-comedy with Owen Wilson stepping into Robert Culp's role of secret agent Alexander Scott and Eddie Murphy as Bill Cosby's athlete (here a boxer) Kelly Robinson. The unlikely undercover duo must try to stop black market arms dealer Malcolm McDowell from selling a prototype stealth plane. With Famke Janssen, Gary Cole. 95 min.

I Spy [DVD](2002) DVD
The Adventures of Pluto Nash
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Eddie Murphy
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Eddie Murphy
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Bill Cosby
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I Spy Returns(1994) VHS
Bill Cosby and Robert Culp star in this made-for-TV movie which finds the former espionage partners reuniting to keep an eye on their children, who are now S.S.A. agents, on their first assignment guarding a group of Russian scientists. With George Newbern, Salli Richardson, Nikolaus Paryla. 92 min.

I Spy Returns [DVD](1994) DVD
I Spy: Box Set #1 [DVD] DVD
Seven-disc set includes Volumes 1-7.

I Spy: Box Set #2 [DVD] DVD
Seven-disc set includes Volumes 8-14.

I Spy: Box Set #3 [DVD] DVD
Seven-disc set includes Volumes 15-21.

Eddie Murphy  Owen Wilson
Eddie Murphy Owen Wilson
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Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack
Beverly Hills Cop II Soundtrack
Beverly Hills Cop III Soundtrack
I Spy Returns
I Spy Box Set