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Comedy. Romance & Slapstick
Film Facts:
Ashton Kutcher &
Brittany Murphy
TITLE : Just Married
DIRECTOR : Shawn Levy
STARRING : Ashton Kutcher, Brittany Murphy, Christian Kane, Monet Mazur, David Moscow, Valeria, David Rasche, Veronica Cartwright, Raymond Barry    
TAGLINE : It was the perfect honeymoon... Until it began.
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"Just Married" Cinema Synopsis:
The romantic pairing of a couple that appears totally mismatched and what happens when they rush headlong into marriage provide the funny situations for the comedy, Just Married.

No two could seem less harmonious than Tom Leezak (Ashton Kutcher) and Sarah McNerney (Brittany Murphy). For starters, he blunders into her life when his wayward football knocks her down while she is calmly walking her dog. But, what do you know - it’s love at first sight for both of them.

Tom works the late shift as a radio traffic reporter and lives a sports-loving, blokey kind of life that could not be further removed from Sarah’s. She’s from a snooty family that’s rolling in dough, but she wants to break away from all that her privileged background and demanding family entails by making it on her own as a writer. Naturally, her family has its own ideas about what’s best for Sarah - including the right kind of husband - specifically, the attractively loaded young tycoon, Peter Prentiss (Christian Kane).

When Sarah and Tom move in together and then decide to get married, her family -especially her father (David Rasche) - is not amused. But the McNerney clan could soon have things going its way when the new Mr and Mrs go to Italy for their dream honeymoon. Disaster upon disaster soon has Sarah and Tom beginning to wonder if they have made a big mistake. When Peter conveniently shows up, supposedly on a business trip, but actually with the family’s blessing to break up the marriage and win Sarah back, the newlyweds’ real feelings for each other are tested to the limit.

Ashton Kutcher

Just Married
Dude, Where's My Car?

Brittany Murphy

Just Married
Riding In Cars With Boys
Don't Say A Word

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