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When a 16 year-old amateur photographer sees a beautiful 23-year old aspiring rock singer through the lens of his camera, it's love at first sight. These things happen every day - but to Charles, It's "No Small Affair". This light-hearted love story is told with style and great humour as Charles (Jon Cryer) put himself through every crazy hoop there is to prove his adoration for Laura (Demi Moore of "General Hospital"). "No Small Affair", which was shot around sleazy - and - splendid San Francisco, offers romance, raunchiness and a riot of great sounds. Jerry Schatzberg directs the talented and energetic cast.

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It's "No Small Affair" when a 16-year-old aspiring photographer pursues a beautiful "older woman" of 22 in a big way! This scintillating romantic comedy stars Jon Cryer and Demi Moore as unlikely lovers who teach each other a thing or two about life. When Charles Cummings (Cryer) sees a down-on-her-luck rock singer, Laura Victor (Moore), through his camera lens, he immediately falls head over heels in love. Soon Charles is waging an all-out campaign to boost Laura's career and win her heart, including plastering her face on every taxi in San Francisco as a promotional gimmick. As the two of them help each other come of age, a lasting bond of friendship develops. For big laughs and great romance, it's "No Small Affair!"

Tony's Comments
"No Small Affair" is a cute romantic comedy featuring Jon Cryer in his first big screen starring role. A youthful Demi Moore looks her stunning best as the rock singer who falls for Cryer. Unfortunately, Demi Moore doesn't sing in the film, all her songs are actually performed by singer Chrissy Faith. "No Small Affair" makes good use of San Francisco locations and is an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours watching two future stars developing their craft in an early performance. Two of the film's highlights would have to be, Jon Cryer's intimate moment with a call girl and the scene where Jon and Demi gate crash a wedding reception. Also of interest is the fact that this film was originally cast with Matthew Broderick & Sally Field in the two lead roles.
No Small Affair
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TITLE : No Small Affair
DIRECTOR : Jerry Schatzberg  
STARRING : Jon Cryer, Demi Moore, George Wendt,
Peter Frechette, Elizabeth Daily, Ann Wedgeworth, Jeffrey Tambor, Tim Robbins, Hamilton Camp, Scott Getlin, Judith Baldwin, Jennifer Tilly, Kene Holliday, Thomas Adams, Myles Berkowitz
* From a face in a photograph she became the focus of his fantasies and then the woman in his arms.
* It won't be the last time she'll rock a younger man's world.
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Jon Cryer and Demi Moore make a cute couple in the romantic teen comedy "No Small Affair"
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Synopsis & Tony's Comments:
Right:  A great still from "No Small Affair" featuring Jon Cryer and Demi Moore at the Golden Gate Bridge.
No Small Affair [DVD](1984) DVD
Lighthearted comedy stars Jon Cryer as a teenage photography buff who becomes romantically obsessed with would-be singing star Demi Moore after taking her picture and sets out to help her achieve fame. With George Wendt, Tim Robbins, Jennifer Tilly. 102 min. Soundtrack: English.

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No Small Affair
Jon Cryer and Demi Moore
Jon Cryer
Demi Moore