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TONY'S COMMENTS : Johnny Depp & Rob Morrow play 2 teenage boys who spend a spring break weekend at a Florida resort looking for love & excitement.  Good location scenery, a lively soundtrack & strong support from comedians Andrew Dice Clay (Ford Fairlane), Dody Goodman (Grease), Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy) & Hector Elizondo (Pretty Woman) make this raunchy teen comedy an entertaining romp. "Private Resort" is definately one of the better spring break sex comedies of the 80's, Depp looks his best & his fans shouldn't miss it.
TITLE :  Private Resort
DIRECTOR : George Bowers      
STARRING : Johnny Depp, Rob Morrow, Hector Elizondo, Dody Goodman, Leslie Easterbrook, Andrew Dice Clay, Emily Longstreth, Lisa London, Michael Bowen, Karyn O'Bryan, Tony Azito, Ronald E. House, Greg Wynne
TAGLINE: They're looking for hot times. And they've found the right place.
For many years "Private Resort" was a difficult film to get your hands on and video prints were precious. The movie was finally released on DVD in June 2006 through Sony Pictures. To check out the availability of "Private Resort" on DVD use the text links below:
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1980s VHS SYNOPSIS: Spend a riotous weekend at the hottest spot in Miami - Private Resort. Two free-spirited teenagers, Ben (Rob Morrow) and Jack (Johnny Depp), check into the luxury hotel to pursue their favourite pastime - women! The object of Jack's lust is a rich beauty and he'll do anything (even pose as a surgeon) to manoeuvre her into an operating position. Meanwhile, Ben's pursuit of a gorgeous waitress may be foiled by a house rule forbidding amorous activities with guests. The boys' escapades are further threatened by a prying house detective, Reeves, and a maniac thief, “The Maestro”, out to snatch a priceless diamond. So come to the wildest party of your life…. at Private Resort!
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Private Resort [DVD](1985) DVD
What do you get when you mix a luxurious resort hotel, two sex-crazed teenage boys, some gorgeous female guests, a snoopy house dick and a cunning jewel thief? You guessed it: zany, racy, titillating fun. Johnny Depp, Rob Morrow, Andrew Dice Clay, Karyn O'Bryan star. 82 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital mono.
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Johnny Depp in Private Resort
Johnny Depp in Private Resort
Johnny Depp in Private Resort

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