TITLE: Red Sun
: Terence Young  

: Charles Bronson, Ursula Andress, Toshirô Mifune, Alain Delon, Capucine, Bernabe Barta Barri, Guido Lollobrigida, Anthony Dawson, Gianni Medici, Georges Lycan, Luc Merenda,Tetsu Nakamura.

: A Burning Tale Of Revenge...
     A Fistful Of Westerns

Red Sun: Video Synopsis
A rough-riding gunslinger Link, (Charles Bronson) teams up with Kuroda, (Toshiro Mifune), a samurai warrior, in this action packed violent tale of revenge set in the lawless west. A priceless Samurai sword is stolen during a brutal, grisly train robbery. Link and Kuroda, although bitter enemies must combine together to track down the desperado to restore the sword to its rightful owner. In a race against time they have just one week to complete their task, otherwise Kuroda must satisfy the lost honor of his master with his own death by "hara-kiri"! They will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, they kidnap the bandito's beautiful girlfriend, (Ursula Andress), who is working as a prostitute in a seedy bordello. Will the killer ransom her for the price of the sword?.... Blood, honor and revenge explode on the screen beneath the scorching Red Sun. The winner will be he who is most bloody in his determination!!

Red Sun: Tony's Comments

This enjoyable tale of east meets west sees Charles Bronson and Toshiro Mifune team up to retrieve a stolen samurai sword.  "Red Sun" features an all-star international cast including, Hollywood heavyweight Charles Bronson, swiss beauty Ursula Andress, Asian superstar Toshiro Mifune and French stars Alain Delon and Capucine. James Bond director, Terence Young (Dr. No & Thunderball) does a great job with this fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek, western adventure which has that special novelty of seeing a professional gunfighter team up with a skilled samurai. Charles Bronson gives a likeable performance and the culture clash scenes with Mifune are a hoot. "Red Sun" is good quality western entertainment, with high production values, exciting action sequences, and an intriguing original premise. A hollywood western with a flavorsome spaghetti taste.
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