FULL NAME: Seann William Scott
6th October 1976
Cottage Grove, Minnesota, USA
HEIGHT : 5' 11"
HAIR COLOR: Light brown
Graduated from Park High School in Cottage Grove
Stifler in the "American Pie" movies
Seann William Scott is the youngest of seven children in his "Brady Bunch Family".  Both of his parents had 3 children each from previous marriages, before he was born.
William Scott
Sean William Scott at Hollywood Teen Movies
Teen Stars Of The 1990's & 2000's

A "Dude"
called "Stifler"
* During his youth Seann William Scott worked in a local picture theater. His constant viewing of movies at the theatre was his inspiration to become an actor later in life.

* Seann William Scott was discovered in a Los Angeles talent competition. Soon after that he flew to New York to audition for a role in the TV series "All My Children".

* Seann William Scott's televison roles have included appearances in "Unhappily Ever After" & "Sweet Valley High".

* In 1997 he starred in his first tele-movie "Born into Exile" with "Rocky's" Talia Shire.

* Seann William Scott was given his big break when he was offered the role of Stifler in the highly succesful teen sex comedy "American Pie".

* Seann William Scott has also been very active in television comercials, even appearing with basketballer Magic Johnson in an American Express advertisement.

* Seann William Scott continues to star in teen orientated comedies &  has racked up  a reptutation for playing goofball charcters in films such as "Road Trip", "Dude, Where's My Car?", "Evolution" & the smash hit sequel "American Pie 2". In the latter he solidifies his screen personna by reprising his now famous role of Stifler.

* 2003 was a big year for Seann with 2 big-budget action flicks "Bulletproof Monk" with Chow Yun-Fat & "The Rundown" with The Rock. Seann also returned, as you guessed it, Stifler, in "American Wedding" the 3rd installment of "American Pie".

* 2004 - Gregoire Moulin Vs Humanity
* 2004 - Less Than Kind
* 2003 - The Rundown
* 2003 - American Wedding
* 2003 - Bulletproof Monk
* 2003 - Old School
* 2002 - Stark Raving Mad  
* 2001 - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
* 2001 - American Pie 2
* 2001 - Evolution
* 2000 - Dude, Where's My Car?
* 2000 - Road Trip
* 2000 - Final Destination
* 1999 - American Pie
* 1997 - Born Into Exile (TV)
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Sean William Scott
Sean William Scott
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