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The King Of The Kickboxers
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July 7th 2004
The Kung Fu Connection
Film Facts:
"The King Of The Kickboxers" Tony's Comments:
TITLE : The King Of The Kickboxers
DIRECTOR : Lucas Lowe

STARRING : Loren Avedon, Richard Jaeckel, Don Stroud, Billy Blanks, Sherrie Rose, Jerry Trimble, William Long Jr.

TAGLINE: In The Ring Of Death. Only One Man Can Be King!
Loren Avedon fresh from the 2 kung fu action flicks "No Retreat, No Surrender 2: Raging Thunder" & "No Retreat, No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers" heads the cast in this highly-charged fight-fest that is reminiscent of Van Damme's original "Kickboxer".

Loren Avendon plays New York cop Jake Donahue who has revenge on his mind ever since his older brother was murdered in Thailand shortly after he won a kickboxing championship. The killer was Kahn (Billy Blanks), a heavy weight kickboxing champion who often takes pleasure in killing his opponents in front of a running movie camera & afterwards selling the illegal video tapes.

When a fighter is needed to become Khan's victim in his latest evil production, Jake decides to audition for the part. But first Jake must improve his fighting skills so he seeks the help of kung fu master, Prang (Keith Cooke) to train him for the ultimate showdown with Khan.

The acting in "The King Of The Kickboxers" is mediocre at best. The fight scenes are lively & well staged but extremely brutal and certainly not for the squeamish.
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