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This page was last updated November 21st 2002
Drama, Mystery & Thrillers
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Julia Roberts &
Brad Pitt
TITLE : The Mexican
DIRECTOR : Gore Verbinski
STARRING : Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini,
J.K. Simmons, Bob Balaban, Sherman Augustus, Michael Cerveris, Gene Hackman, Richard Coca, David Krumholtz, Castulo Guerra, Mayra Serbulo, Salvador Sánchez, Alan Ciangherotti, Melisa Romero.
TAGLINE:  Love With The Safety Off
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Together for the first time, superstars Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts take a hilarious, action-packed tour south of the border with James Gandolfini (The Sopranos) in what People Magazine calls "a quirky romantic comedy with plenty of gunplay and intrigue". Before reckless Jerry can make amends with Samantha, he has to take one more wild ride down to Mexico to pick up a priceless antique pistol and settle his debts. As things begin heating up with mob bosses and hit men, the action boils over with surprise twists and turns in the film Roger Ebert gives "Thumbs Up".
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The Mexican(2001) VHS
The title doesn't refer to a person, but to a priceless handgun that hapless small-time crook Brad Pitt is charged with bringing back to the U.S. from Mexico for his imprisoned mobster boss. But when Julia Roberts, Pitt's put-upon girlfriend, picks that moment to leave him and head to Las Vegas to restart her life, Pitt is stranded south of the border. Meanwhile, Roberts is abducted by hit man James Gandolfini, and the pair wind up counseling each other on relationship problems. With Bob Balaban, and Gene Hackman in an unbilled cameo. 123 min.

The Mexican [DVD](2001) DVD
Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts
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Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts
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The Mexican
The Mexican
27 in x 40 in
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Notting Hill: Music From The Motion Picture.
The Julia Roberts Story: The Life, Loves & Career of America's Finest Actress by Gary J. Fuller
My Best Friend's Wedding: Music From The Motion Picture
The Mexican (Music from the Motion Picture)

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The Mexican