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Teen Stars Of The 1950's & 1960's
Troy Donahue Selected Filmography:
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Hollywood Teen Movies:
Birth Name: Merle Johnson Jr.
Date Of Birth: 27th January 1936
Place Of Birth: New York, USA
Date Of Death: 2nd September 2001
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Merle Johnson Sr. (vice-president at General Motors)
Edith (stage actress)

Vicky Taylor (1979 - 1981) (divorced)
Valerie Allen (1966 - 1968) (divorced)
Suzanne Pleshette (1964 - 1964) (divorced)
Actor Profile:
Fact File:
2002 - Cockroach Hotel
2000 - The Boys Behind the Desk
1999 - Shake, Rattle & Roll:
An American Love Story (Mini-Series)
1998 - Merchants of Venus
1998 - Legion (TV)
1997 - Bimbo Movie Bash
1993 - Showdown
1992 - Double Trouble
1991 - Deadly Diamonds
1991 - The Pamela Principle
1991 - Shock 'Em Dead
1990 - Click: The Calendar Girl Killer
1990 - Omega Cop
1990 - Terminal Force
1990 - Cry-Baby
1989 - American Rampage
1989 - Assault of the Party Nerds
1989 - Bad Blood
1989 - Blood Nasty
1989 - The Chilling
1989 - Deadly Spygames
1989 - Hot Times at Montclair High
1989 - The Platinum Triangle
1989 - Sounds of Silence
1988 - Dr. Alien
1988 - Hard Rock Nightmare
1988 - Hawkeye (aka Karate Cops)
1988 - Hollywood Cop
1988 - Nudity Required
1988 - Sexpot
1987 - Cyclone
1987 - Deadly Prey
1987 - Fight to Win
1987 - The Drifting Classroom
1986 - Low Blow
1984 - Grandview, U.S.A.
1983 - Tin Man
1983 - Malibu (TV)
1977 - Ultraje
1977 - The Legend of Frank Woods
1974 - Seizure
1974 - South Seas Massacre
1974 - The Godfather: Part II
1974 - Cockfighter
1971 - Sweet Savior
1970 - The Secret Storm (TV Series)
1969 - The Lonely Profession (TV)
1968 - Split Second to an Epitaph (TV)
1967 - Rocket to the Moon
1967 - Come Spy with Me
1965 - My Blood Runs Cold
1964 - A Distant Trumpet
1963 - Palm Springs Weekend
1962 - Hawaiian Eye (TV Series)
1962 - Rome Adventure
1961 - Susan Slade
1961 - Parrish
1960 - The Crowded Sky
1960 - Surfside 6 (TV Series)
1959 - A Summer Place
1959 - Imitation of Life
1959 - The Perfect Furlough
1958 - Live Fast, Die Young
1958 - Monster on the Campus
1958 - Summer Love
1958 - Voice in the Mirror
1958 - Wild Heritage
1958 - Flood Tide (uncredited)
1958 - This Happy Feeling
1958 - The Tarnished Angels
1957 - The Monolith Monsters (uncredited)
1957 - Man of a Thousand Faces (uncredited)
1957 - Man Afraid (uncredited)
* In the mid-50's Troy Donahue was studying journalism at Columbia University when he decided to give acting a try. Troy made his film debut with an uncredited appearance as a newspaper reporter in the thriller “Man Afraid” (1957).

* Troy was given his movie name by Hollywood Press Agent Henry Wilson, the same person who named Hollywood legend Rock Hudson.

* From 1957 to 1959 Troy continued to make brief appearances in films, some of which were uncredited, until his big break came when Warner Bros gave Troy a leading role in the popular teen romance drama “A Summer Place”, opposite the lovely Sandra Dee.

* After the success of “A Summer Place”, Troy's blonde hair, blue eyed, boy-next-door good looks were plastered on the covers of movie magazines worldwide, quickly establishing him as a sort after teen star.

* In 1960 Troy won a lead role on “Surfside 6”, a hugely popular TV series about a bunch of hip detectives who lived and worked out of a houseboat in Miami. 74 one-hour episodes were produced over a 3-year period (1960-1962).

* 1961 was a big year for Troy with major starring roles in two big screen films, “Parrish” and “Susan Slade” both opposite Connie Stevens and both directed by Delmer Daves of “A Summer Place” fame.  
* In 1962 Troy starred in another Delmer Daves production, “Rome Adventure”, this time his co-stars were Angie Dickinson and Suzanne Pleshette.

* When Troy's stint on “Surfside 6” was over the producers of “Hawaiian Eye”, another popular detective series of the 60's, quickly recruited him. The series starred Robert Conrad and Troy's former big screen co-star Connie Stevens.

* In 1963 Troy was back on the big-screen again with Connie Stevens in the popular beach comedy “Palm Springs Weekend”. Other co-stars included Ty Hardin, Robert Conrad and Stefanie Powers.

* In 1964 Troy starred with Suzanne Pleshette in the western, “A Distant Trumpet”. The two were married and divorced in the same year.

* Unfortunately throughout his career Troy was plagued with ongoing drug and alcohol problems, particularly after his 7-year contract with Warner Brothers ended in 1966.

* During the late 60's and early 70's Troy shuffled his time between film and TV roles, making somewhat of a big screen comeback with a brief appearance in the Academy Winning blockbuster “The Godfather Part II”. In the film Troy's character name was Merle Johnson, which in reality was his real name.

* During the late 70's and early 80's Troy's film appearances were inconsistent and brief. Reports at one stage revealed that he was homeless and living in New York's Central Park.

* Throughout the late 1980's and well into the 90's Troy's career picked up again, he continued to find work in films but unfortunately most of them were low budget straight to video flicks. Troy even found time to teach some acting classes on Holland America cruise ships and to tour briefly in a production of “Bye Bye Birdie”.

* Sadly, Troy suffered a heart attack on the 30th of August 2001 and died at St John's Hospital in Santa Monica California on the 2nd of September 2001. At the time of his death Troy was engaged to Zheng Cao and is survived by son Sean, daughter Janine and three grandchildren.
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