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This page was last updated October 26th 2002
Kung Fu, Action & Mayhem
"DRIVEN" Tony's Comments:
"DRIVEN"  now on VHS & DVD:
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Book: "Male Fitness Stars of TV and the Movies"
Book Description: "Male Fitness Stars of TV & the Movies"
Legends of Health & Fitness are non-fictionalized stories that present the lives of contemporary, health and fitness role models for young adults. These are the stories of real men and women who, despite busy lives, find time each day to ensure their health. Each book in the series begins with a chapter that gives a history and background of the sport or career and ties the sport to health and fitness. Legends of Health & Fitness are apropriate for all middle school and high school students who want to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. The book, Male Fitness Stars of TV and the Movies profiles Sylvester Stalone, John Travolta, Bruce Willis, and Wesley Snipes. Fitness is paramount to the careers of these four superstars.
Book Description: "Stallone - A Rocky Life"
With his sculpted physique and brooding good looks, Sylvester Stallone remains the quintessential movie star. His love life has drawn as much attention as his $2 billion-grossing films--after a long-suffering first wife and a philandering second, his current spouse is a supermodel 25 years his junior. And between each marriage, he has courted a catwalk's worth of women straight from the covers of Vogue. Now, in this new biography--based on exclusive interviews with Stallone, his outspoken mother, his second wife, and a host of fellow celebrities and friends--this most private of public figures is revealed. Frank Sanello looks not only at Stallone's personal life, which fans will find as compelling as any of his action pictures, but also at his film career, from cartoon icon to failed comic actor to his latest incarnation as overweight anti-hero in the critically acclaimed "Cop Land." A thoughtful, highly engaging portrait. Frank Sanello has written biographies of Sharon Stone, Tom Cruise, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, and Steven Spielberg. A former film critic for the Los Angeles Daily News, his work has also appeared in The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and People.
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Sylvester Stallone Book: "Stallone - A Rocky Life"
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Sylvester Stallone at Hollywood Teen Movies:
Sylvester Stallone
"DRIVEN" DVD Synopsis:
Beau Brandenburg, is a world champion racer facing his first real threat in years. Rookie driver, Jimmy Bly who is the hottest new name on the circuit, but with media attention and female distractions effecting his performance, Bly needs the support of former hot shot, Joe tanto to stay on track. Prepare for Full throttle, top gear extreme racing action shots that puts you in the driver's seat of the planet's fastest cars.
TITLE :  Driven
DIRECTOR :  Renny Harlin  
STARRING : Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds, Kip Pardue, Stacy Edwards, Til Schweiger, Gina Gershon, Estella Warren, Cristián de la Fuente, Brent Briscoe, Robert Sean Leonard, Verona Feldbusch, Jasmin Wagner, Chip Ganassi, Dan Duran.
* Welcome to The Human Race
* What drives you?
* Where do you go when you are already on the edge?

"Driven" is the ultimate racing film for today's audiences, combining the latest computer technology & special effects with spectacular real-life racing sequences.  Written by Sylvester Stallone & directed by Cliffhanger's Renny Harlin, "Driven" moves at a rollicking pace & succeeds in bringing together human drama with high-speed track action. Former racing champ Joe Tanto (Sylvester Stallone) is called in by wheelchair bound Carl Henry (Burt Reynolds) to help guide young Jimmy Bly (Kip Pardue) to victory in an upcoming championship race. Along the way Stallone manages to teach young Jimmy some extra lessons in life. An unforgettable highlight in the film is a high-speed car chase through the streets of Chicago between Stallone & Jimmy. "Driven" runs like an MTV music video on wheels, loud, dynamite quick camera cuts & fast cars. One thing is for sure "Driven" will put you in the driver's seat. A critical & commercial failure on release (although it did go straight to number 1 at the American box office during its first weekend) "Driven" should please racing nuts who are in the mood for high octane crashes & smashes.
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Sylvester Stallone
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Sylvester Stallone
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Rocky III
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Sylvester Stallone
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First Blood: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Rambo: First Blood Part II - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Rambo III: Original Motion Picture Score
Male Fitness Stars of TV and the Movies: Featuring Profiles of Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta, Bruce Willis, & Wesley Snipes by Susan Zannos
Stallone - A Rocky Life by Frank Sanello
Sylvester Stallone
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Cobra: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Over The Top: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Driven: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Driven(2001) VHS
Driven [DVD](2001) DVD
The thrills come fast and furious in this rubber-burning blockbuster which finds veteran race car driver Sylvester Stallone lured out of retirement to team with talented but headstrong rookie Kip Pardue. Intense racing scenes fuel this drama, directed by Renny Harlin ("Cliffhanger") and written by Stallone. Burt Reynolds, Gina Gershon, Til Schweiger and Robert Sean Leonard also star. 117 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby 5.1, French; Subtitles: English, French; "making of" documentary; audio commentary by Harlin; documentary; deleted scenes; music video; theatrical trailer.

Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone
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Male Fitness Stars Of TV and Movies
First Blood Soundtrack
Rambo II Soundtrack
Rambo III Soundtrack
Cobra Soundtrack
Over The Top Soundtrack
Driven Soundtrack