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Film Facts:
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Kirsten Dunst,
Michelle Williams
& Dan Hedaya
TITLE : Dick
DIRECTOR : Andrew Fleming
STARRING : Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Williams, Dan Hedaya, Will Ferrell, Bruce McCulloch, Teri Garr, Dave Foley, Jim Breuer, Ana Gasteyer, Harry Shearer, Saul Rubinek, Devon Gummersall, Ted McGinley, Ryan Reynolds, G.D. Spradlin.
* He was tricky. They were better.
* The unmaking of the president
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DVD Synopsis:
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The year is 1972, and, like most high-school students, Betsy Jobs (Kirsten Dunst) and Arlene Lorenzo (Michelle Williams) just want to have a good time. But when, during a class field trip to the White House, they cluelessly wander into a behind-closed-doors, top-secret shredding session, it's time to both wag the dog, and walk it. Seeking to uncover just how much the witless duo discovered, the Commander-In-Chief, appoints them "Official White House Dog Walkers," and it isn't long before the girls go from taking out Checkers, to taking out Tricky Dick, in this fun-raising comedy of historic distortions.
Kirsten Dunst at Hollywood Teen Movies:

“Dick” is a political satire featuring the talents of teen stars Kirsten Dunst (Bring It On) and Michelle Williams (Dawson's Creek). The two girls play a couple of bumbling high school students who unintentionally become entangled with President Nixon (Dan Hedaya) and the infamous Watergate scandal. Although not a success at the box office on its original release “Dick” has become a very popular rental on the video circuit due to the appeal of the film's two young stars.
"Dick" Tony's Comments:
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Dick Movie Soundtrack Various Artists - 1999
Dick [DVD](1999) DVD
Watergate gets comedically whacked in this satire starring Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams as ditsy high school students who become official dog-walkers for President Nixon after accidentally witnessing the Watergate burglary. When their friendship with "Tricky Dick" turns sour, they get even by revealing what they know to a pair of reporters named Woodward and Bernstein. With Dave Foley, Will Ferrell, and Dan Hedaya as Nixon. 94 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Surround; Subtitles: English; audio commentary; bloopers; music video; "making of" documentary; isolated music score; deleted scene; biographies; theatrical trailer; more.

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Dick Soundtrack
Michelle Williams & Kirsten Dunst on the phone