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Dream Machine
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Film Facts:
"Dream Machine"  Video Synopsis 1 (Australian) :
TITLE : Dream Machine
DIRECTOR : Lyman Dayton

: Corey Haim, Brittney Lewis, Evan Richards, Susan Seaforth Hayes, Randall England, Tracy Fraim, Suzanne Kent, Jim McKrell, Brynia McGrady, Jeremy Slate

* Corey Haim is back behind the wheel!
* Perfect Car. Perfect Girl. Perfect Murder...Almost
* Dream Machine - Its a real wild ride!
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A student with a passion for fast cars and beautiful women becomes a hitman's target... When wealthy Rita Chamberlain discovers her husband's infidelity, she decides to give the Porsche she purchased for his birthday to some more deserving individual. A piano tuner does such an excellent job tuning Rita's piano, she decides to give him the car as a token of her appreciation. However, there is a dead man in the trunk!
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"Dream Machine"  Video Synopsis 2 (UK) :
College boy Barry Davis (Corey Haim "License To Drive) dreams of fast cars and fast girls. He can't believe his luck when his dreams suddenly turn into reality. A gift of a silver porsche turbo and the amorous advances of the hottest girl on campus, send him into a spin. But Barry's life moves into overdrive when he discovers that his perfect car holds the key to the perfect murder-literally. Dream Machine is a free wheeling comedy thriller that moves in top gear. Also, starring Evan Richards (Down And Out In Beverly Hills).
Young Barry Davis (Corey Haim of Dream A Little Dream and License to Drive) has just been handed the keys and pink slip to a $100,000 Porsche - all because a woman wants to get even with her unfaithful husband. It's more than a car - it's a fully loaded dream machine with an engine that'll blast from zero to sixty in 6.1 seconds. Oh, yes, it has something else too ... there's a dead man in the trunk!

Corey Haim slams excitement into high in this revved up comedy-mystery. He hopes the car is his ticket to romantic success with a beautiful babe. But it could be a ride into all-out danger. He doesn't know about that body in the trunk ... nor about the killer who wants to make sure he never finds out about it...
"Dream Machine"  Video Synopsis 3 (USA) :
Dream Machine(1990) VHS
Teen favorite Corey Haim stars in this comic mystery as a college student who gets a $100,000 Porsche but finds an unexpected gift in the trunk...a dead man! Susan Seaforth Hayes and Brittney Lewis also star in this romp that'll make you yell "COREY!" 88 min. Unfortunately this tape is currently sold out. Manufacturer: Live Home Video.

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Dream Machine