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High School Caesar
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Starring John Ashley
TITLE : High School Caesar
DIRECTOR : O'Dale Ireland
STARRING : John Ashley, Gary Vinson, Steve Stevens, Lowell Brown, Judy Nugent, Daria Massey, Ken Plumb, Robin League, Beverly Franklin, Charles Leffler, Don Hinkle, Bob Head, Curtis Workman, Judi Vogelsang, Anton von Stralen.  
* Mob Rule In A High School!
* He had more rackets than Al Capone!
on DVD:
"High School Caesar" Tony's Comments:
Long before becoming a regular on the "Beach Party" films, John Ashley played the title role of Matt Stevens in the vintage JD student flick "High School Caesar". Ashley is the rebellious son of rich parents, who wanders around the high school campus acting like a mafia-king pin. What adds to the camp of this teen film is its battery charged rock n roll soundtrack, highlighted by the dynamic title track sung by rocker Reggie Perkins. "High School Caesar" is ultimately a low-budget b-movie gang flick but is nevertheless a good example of the 1950's teen exploitation films that were able to successfully combine JD drama with rock n roll music of the day.
John Ashley at
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John Ashley: Born to Rock (CD & Video Disc)
Includes all your favorite John Ashley tunes such as "Born To Rock" & "Hit and Run Lover".
Plus an Interview/Scrapbook With Over 200 Pictures.
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1950's "Hot Rod Flicks" on DVD:
This fantastic DVD titled "Great Racing Movies" features 3 cult hot rod flicks from the 1950's all on the one smashing disc. "The Fast and the Furious", "The Big Wheel" and "Hot Rod Girl" are all burning rubber thrills for any DVD collection. Click the text link below for more details:
High School Caesar [DVD](1960) DVD
John Ashley is the teenage crime boss who "had more rackets than Al Capone" in this classic J.D. drama of high school protection rackets, hot rod races and gang rumbles. With Lowell Brown, Judy Nugent. 75 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English mono. Plays All Regions.

High School Big Shot (1959)/High School Caesar (1960)/Date Bait [DVD](1960) DVD
It's troubled teens galore in this "JD drama" trifecta. First, brainy student Marvin must deal with bullies, a back-stabbing cutie, and his loser dad's financial woes, as he gets wrapped up in criminal activities from robbery to safecrackers, in "High School Big Shot." Tom Pittman, Virginia Alexander and Stanley Adams star. Next, "High School Caesar" John Ashley is the kid "who had more rackets than Al Capone," in a tale of classroom capers and gang rumbles. Judy Nugent co-stars. Finally, two young hepcats want to get hitched, but their folks tell them "no," in "Date Bait," with Gary Clarke and Marlo Ryan. 173 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; art gallery; theatrical trailers.

John Ashley: Born to Rock (CD & Video Disc)
Great Racing Movies [DVD] DVD
Includes "The Fast and the Furious" (1954), "The Big Wheel" and "Hot Rod Girl."

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High School Caesar
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