TITLE : HotShot
DIRECTOR : Rick King
STARRING : Pelé, Jim Youngs, Penelope Ann Miller, Mario Van Peebles, Billy Warlock

* They've got nothing in common but the determination to be the best.
* It takes more than talent to become a winner.
Sports films don't get much better than this. "Hotshot" is "The Karate Kid" of Soccer. In "The Karate Kid" we had Pat Morita play the master or wise one. In "Hotshot", legendary soccer superstar "Pele" plays the mentor who guides young Jimmy Kristidis & teaches him not only how to play soccer but also how to conduct himself in life.

Jim Youngs (Footloose, The Wanderers) stars as hot headed Jimmy Kristidis, a young American with a passion for soccer. When Jimmy's tryout with the New York Rockers fails he travels to Brazil to seek out his idol, the legendary Santos (Pele). Santos, once the world's greatest soccer player, now lives the life of a recluse in the hills of Rio de Janeiro. In the company of Santos, Jimmy learns new skills both on & off the field, including the famed bicycle kick.

It is interesting to note that Pele's character name "Santos" is, in reality, the name of the Brazilian Soccer club that Pele played for during his long career in professional football. Jim Youngs was an excellent choice for the lead role. He is not only a very good actor but also possesses the necessary soccer skills that are required to make his character believable. Look out for Mario Van Peebles (Heartbreak Ridge, Posse) in dreadlocks & Billy Warlock (Baywatch) as Jimmy's teammates.

"Hot Shot" is about one man's determination to be the best at what he enjoys most & that is, playing soccer.  It is a story full of emotion & excitement. It looks closely at the themes of heroism, friendship & loyalty. The film is an excellent blend of sporting action & drama, featuring a nail-biting soccer finale that will have you on the edge of your seat, right through to the referee's final whistle. "Hotshot" is a film everybody can enjoy, but for soccer players & soccer fans this film is a treat.
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This movie is featured in our book "80 From The 80s"
Starring Pele & Jim Youngs
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Hot Shot [DVD](1987) DVD
An arrogant young American soccer player, after hitting bottom, seeks the advice of his lifelong idol (Pele), who gives him needed lessons in humility as well as in skill. 90 min.

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Hot Shot
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