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This page was last updated November 18th 2002
Dirty Harry & Friends
Film Facts:
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Starring Mel Gibson
TITLE : Lethal Weapon
DIRECTOR : Richard Donner
STARRING : Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Gary Busey, Mitch Ryan, Tom Atkins,
Darlene Love, Traci Wolfe, Jackie Swanson, Damon Hines, Ebonie Smith,
Bill Kalmenson, Lycia Naff, Patrick Cameron, Don Gordon, Jimmie F. Skaggs,
Two Cops. Glover carries a weapon..... Gibson is one. He's the only L.A cop registered as a Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon on VHS & DVD:
Mel Gibson Book:
"The Films Of Mel Gibson"
With over seven minutes of previously unavailable scenes, the director's cut of Lethal Weapon is a long-overdue present for fans. Riggs solitary homelife and the tragic loss spurring him to a reckless disregard for his own safety now come into greater focus. We see that recklessness in new scenes underlining the differences between the two cops. Murtaugh, just 50, needs reassurance about his skills at a firing range. Riggs, not caring if he sees another birthday, cooly walks into a schoolyard sniper's field of fire. All the humour and adrenaline that made this original an entertainment milestone are here too. No scenes have been removed, but new action and new insight are now included. Include yourself in the excitement.
Packed with hundreds of photos, fascinating behind-the-scenes information, reviews, and cast and credit listings, The Films of Mel Gibson is the book thousands of fans have been eagerly awaiting. This pictorial celebration explores Gibson's film career as an actor and director--from the seminal Road Warrior series and hugely successful Lethal Weapon series, to Hamlet, Maverick, and Ransom. Photos throughout, many in color
Lethal Weapon (Director's Cut) DVD Synopsis:
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Mel Gibson at Hollywood Teen Movies
"Lethal Weapon" Sequels
on VHS & DVD:
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Lethal Weapon(1987) VHS
Seminal "buddy" actioner that spawned several sequels stars Danny Glover as a veteran L.A. detective who is less than pleased with new partner Mel Gibson, a gung-ho wildman whose memories of Vietnam and his wife's death are edging him ever closer to psychosis. Can the mismatched pair bring down a heroin ring? With Gary Busey, Mitchell Ryan, Darlene Love; Richard Donner directs. Extended director's cut; 117 min.

Lethal Weapon (Letterboxed Version) VHS
Also available in a theatrical, widescreen format.

Lethal Weapon (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1987) VHS
In English with Spanish subtitles.

Lethal Weapon [DVD](1987) DVD
Lethal Weapon: Director's Cut [DVD](1987) DVD
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson
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Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson
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Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson
8 in x 10 in
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Framed | Mounted
The Films of Mel Gibson by John McCarty
Mel Gibson  Danny Glover
Mel Gibson Danny Glover
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Lethal Weapon 2(1989) VHS
Lethal Weapon 2 [DVD](1989) DVD
Lethal Weapon 3(1992) VHS
Lethal Weapon 3 [DVD](1992) DVD
Lethal Weapon 4(1998) VHS
Lethal Weapon 4 [DVD](1998) DVD
Lethal Weapon Gift Set [DVD] DVD

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