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Teen Movies Of The 1980's
Film Facts:
"Loverboy" Tony's Comments :
TITLE : Loverboy
DIRECTOR : Joan Micklin Silver
STARRING : Patrick Dempsey, Kate Jackson, Robert Ginty, Nancy Valen, Dylan Walsh, Barbara Carrera, Kirstie Alley, Carrie Fisher, Bernie Coulson, Ray Girardin, Rob Camilletti, Vic Tayback, Kim Miyori, Robert Picardo
THE WAIT IS OVER!!!! After all these years this 1980's favorite has finally made it to DVD.
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"Loverboy" Now on DVD :
"Loverboy" is a light hearted teen farce with plenty of madcap gags. It features Patrick Dempsey in possibly his best remembered film after "Can't Buy Me Love" (1987). Dempsey plays Randy Bodek, a college student who returns home for the summer & lands a job at the local pizza joint. His boss insists that he must wear his stick on moustache at all times & make his deliveries in a sombrero-shaped delivery truck. In no time at all Dempsey is the most popular delivery guy in town & a sure-fire hit with the Beverly Hills lady customers that include Barbara Carrera, Kirstie Alley & Carrie Fisher. The great supporting cast of female characters is complemented by their oddball husbands who go all out to hunt down Dempsey. Thrown into the mix for fun is Dempsey's pizza shop buddy Tony, the Italian romeo (played by Sylvester Stallone look-alike Rob Camilletti) who has an eye for Dempsey's mom (Kate Jackson of "Charlie's Angeles" fame, in a rare big screen outing).  "Loverboy" plays out like Richard Gere's "American Gigalo" but teen-style. Instead of "Gigalo's" high drama, murder & suspense we get lots of laughs, romance & a good helping of slapstick humor with Dempsey clearly performing all his own stunts. If you are a Demspey fan from way back & missed this comic romp at the cinemas back in 1989, the good news is you can now catch it on DVD, but before you watch it, order a pizza & don't forget to ask for extra anchovies.
When it comes to romance, Patrick Dempsey really delivers in the madcap comedy LOVERBOY, starring Kate Jackson, Carrie Fisher, Barbara Carrera and Kirstie Alley. Out of college for the summer and on the outs with his girlfriend, Jenny (Nancy Valen), Randy Bodek (Dempsey) lines up the perfect summer vacation. As Senor Pizza's busiest delivery boy, Randy's route takes him to the finest homes and some of the most gorgeous women ever to grace Beverly Hills. But it's not long before take out turns make out when Randy realizes that his customers want something more than the regular fare! After learning some valuable lessons about love from these amazing, crazy ladies while hightailing it from their highly jealous husbands Randy knows he wants only one thing Jenny. From Director Joan Micklin Silver, LOVERBOY is a hilarious look at a young man's coming of age in a business where the customer always comes first.
"Loverboy" VHS Synopsis :
* When Randy delivers pizza to the uppercrust of Beverly Hills... Watch out for the extras!!

* He Delivers

* There are a lot of hungry housewives in Beverly Hills. Some of them even like pizza.
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Loverboy [DVD](1989) DVD
Saucy farce about a shy young man (Patrick Dempsey) whose pizza job soon has him making some "special deliveries" to the sexiest women in town. With Kirstie Alley, Carrie Fisher, Kate Jackson, Barbara Carrera, and Nancy Valen. 108 min.

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Patrick Dempsey & Barbara Carrera
Patrick Dempsey complete with fake moustache
Patrick Dempsey & the girls
Patrick Dempsey in Loverboy