"Paradise" is not your typical teen movie, there are no schools, no students, no teachers and no end of year prom, but the film does feature a sensual romance between two attractive teenagers. Instead of the usual high school settings we are treated to some beautifully filmed scenery on breath-taking Middle East locations. Willie Aames (Charles in Charge and Zapped) and Phoebe Cates (Private School and Gremlins) star as the two teenagers who embark on a journey from Baghdad to Damascus in the early 1800's. On their trek a ruthless Sheik and his band of warriors attack them. Everybody in their caravan is killed except the two youngsters who make their escape to a magnificent oasis, a place they can only call "Paradise". Here, they discover a new world of exquisite natural beauty including majestic beaches, rocky caverns, stunning waterfalls and even a couple of pet chimps who keep them company and act as comedic sidekicks, but most of all they are awakened to the love they have for each other. "Paradise" is like a teen version of "Tarzan and Jane" and the two leads look great in their loincloths. The underwater photography is outstanding and the nude scenes are tastefully done. "Paradise" was made on a budget of $3.5 million and grossed $5.6 million in the US, not bad box office for an alternate version of the more famous Brooke Shields romance "The Blue Lagoon". Exotic locations, exciting action and a compelling story with a sense of innocence are just some of the ingredients of "Paradise", a romantic adventure tale that should satisfy even a more demanding teen audience.
Teen Movies Of The 1980's

TITLE : Paradise
CLASSIFICATION : M            
DIRECTOR : Stuart Gillard  

: Willie Aames, Phoebe Cates, Tuvia Tavi, Richard Curnock, Neil Vipond, Aviva Marks, Joseph Shiloach, Shoshana Duer, Jerry Rosen, Riki Halfon

* A World Where A Boy And A Girl Discover The Most Intimate Secret Of All.
* Exotic Locations
* Exciting Action and Lyrical Love Scenes
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Paradise(1982) VHS
A sensitive story of two teenagers who first experience sex in an isolated desert oasis. They discover each other...and so will you. Phoebe Cates, Willie Aames star. 96 min.

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