TITLE :  Summer City
DIRECTOR :  Christopher Fraser
STARRING :  Mel Gibson, Steve Bisley, Phil Avalon, John Jarrat, James Elliot, Debbie Forman
Summer City
"Summer City" Video Synopsis :
* The early sixties - when good times meant cruising around in your chevy, with the sounds of rock and roll blasting from the radio, looking for girls, swigging down a cold beer and not caring about tomorrow. This is the era of summer city. Four young guys take off for a weekend in search of chicks, cool surf and as much fun and adventure they can pack into a few short days. "Summer City" is a classic Australian surf film that made waves in 1975 when it was first screened at cinemas. Featuring guest appearances by famous Australian celebrities including, Abigail (Number 96), Karmen Doran (Double Dealer) and Debbie Newsome (Perfect Match host), "Summer City" is a movie that captures Mel Gibson in his first major acting role.

Tony's Comments
"Summer City" is most notable for being the film that featured the acting debut of Mel Gibson. It is a low budget surf movie about 4 youths who leave Sydney & travel up the north coast searching for adventure. Steve Bisley who co-starred with Gibson in the first Mad Max movie also appears. "Summer City" sometimes known as "Coast of Terror" was director Christopher Fraser's first film. Also, look out for Australian sex-bomb Abigail in an early role. "Summer City" is well worth checking out just to see a young Mel Gibson developing his acting craft.
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Tony's Comments:
"Summer City"
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Film Facts:
"Summer City" Video Promo Material :
* Starring Academy Award Winner Mel Gibson, in his first major role.
* Before they were stars, Mel Gibson, Steve Bisley and John Jarrat starred in this critically acclaimed Australian hit, "Summer City".
Summer City (1976) DVD  
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Summer City(1976) VHS
It's "American Graffiti," Aussie-style, as four friends from Sydney set out on a weekend of surfing, racing and girls. Mel Gibson made his screen debut in this seriocomic look at teen life Down Under in the '60s; with Phil Avalon, Steve Bisley. AKA: "Coast of Terror." 83 min.

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Summer City
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