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Teen Stars Of The 1970's & 1980's
Fact File:
Sarah Jessica Parker Selected Filmography:
Sarah Jessica Parker at Hollywood Teen Movies:
Birth Name: Sarah Jessica Parker
Date Of Birth: 25th March 1965
Place Of Birth: Nelsonville, Ohio, USA

: 5' 4"

: Stephen and Barbra
Spouse: Matthew Broderick (1997 - present)
Children: 1 child, son James Wilke Broderick, born October 28th 2002

Special Talents
: Singing and ballet
Actress Profile:
2008 - Sex And The City: The Movie
2008 - Smart People
2006 - Failure To Launch
2002 - Life Without Dick
2000 - State and Main
1999 - Dudley Do-Right
1998 - Sex and the City (TV Series)
1997 - 'Til There Was You
1996 - Mars Attacks!
1996 - Extreme Measures
1996 - The Substance of Fire
1996 - If Lucy Fell
1996 - The First Wives Club
1995 - The Sunshine Boys (TV)
1995 - Miami Rhapsody
1994 - Ed Wood
1993 - Striking Distance
1993 - Hocus Pocus
1992 - Honeymoon in Vegas
1992 - In the Best Interest of the Children (TV)
1991 - L.A. Story
1990 - Equal Justice (TV Series)
1989 - Life Under Water (TV)
1989 - The Ryan White Story (TV)
1989 - Twist of Fate (TV)
1988 - Deadly Decision (TV)
1987 - The Room Upstairs (TV)
1986 - A Year in the Life (TV Series)
1986 - Flight of the Navigator
1985 - Going for the Gold: Bill Johnson Story (TV)
1985 - Girls Just Want to Have Fun
1984 - The Almost Royal Family (TV)
1984 - Firstborn
1984 - Footloose
1983 - Somewhere Tomorrow
1982 - Square Pegs (TV Series)
1982 - My Body, My Child (TV)
1979 - Rich Kids (uncredited)
* During her youth Sarah's mother divorced her father. Sarah, her two brothers and sister then went to live with her stepfather (Paul Forste) and his four children.

* Sarah studied at the American Ballet School and the Professional Children's School. She excelled in singing and ballet and appeared in the Broadway productions of "The Innocents", "The Sound of Music" and "Annie".

* After a very brief uncredited appearance in the comedy/drama "Rich Kids" (1979), Sarah was fortunate enough to secure a role in the made-for-TV movie "My Body, My Child" (1982) with Vanessa Redgrave.

* Sarah got her big break when in 1982 she was given a lead role in the high school TV comedy "Square Pegs". Although the TV series ran for only a year, it did give her excellent screen exposure and good acting experience.

* In no time at all Sarah began making appearances in feature films most notbably, the emotional drama "Somewhere Tomorrow" (1983), the teen dance flick "Footloose" (1984) and the teen drama "Firstborn" (1984).  

* During the 1980's Sarah lived with actor Robert Downey Jr. for a number of years.

* By 1985, teen dance musicals were on a roll. Sarah was a trained dancer so it was inevitable that she would be offered a starring role in one of these films. The result was  the extremely popular "Girls Just Want To Have Fun". A film that has gone on to develop cult status worldwide.  

* Next for Sarah came the teen, sci-fi fantasy "Flight Of The Naviagtor" (1986). For the next 4-5 years Sarah returned to television appearing in TV shows and tele movies.

* In 1991 Sarah was back on the big screen, this time playing Steve Martin's love interest in the comedy "L.A. Story". Throughout the 90's more big movie roles followed, most notably, "Honeymoon in Vegas" (1992) with Nicolas Cage, "Striking Distance" (1993) with Bruce Willis, "Ed Wood" (1994) with Johnny Depp, "The First Wives Club" (1996) with Goldie Hawn and "Mars Attacks!" (1996) with Jack Nicholson.

* In 1997 Sarah married 80's teen star Matthew Broderick of "Ferris Bueller" fame.  

* In 1998 Sarah Jessica Parker returned to TV in a big way to star in what would become her signature role, that of Manhattan sex-columnist Carrie Bradshaw in the tv series "Sex And The City".

* In 2000 Sarah won a "Golden Globe Best Actress Award" for her work in "Sex And The City".

* Also in 2000, Sarah Jessica Parker hosted "The MTV Movie Awards" and reportedly changed into more than 10 different costumes during the broadcast.

* In 2001 Sarah starred opposite singer Harry Connick Jr. in the romantic comedy "Life Without Dick".

* In October 2002 Sarah gave birth to her first child, son James Wilke Broderick.
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