TITLE :  Secret Window
RUNNING TIME : 96 minutes
DIRECTOR :  David Koepp

:  Johnny Depp, John Turturro, Maria Bello, Timothy Hutton, Charles Dutton, Len Cariou, Joan Heney, John Dunn-Hill, Vlasta Vrana, Matt Holland, Gillian Ferrabee

Some windows should never be opened.
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March 17th 2004
Secret Window is adapted from a novella by Stephen King - surely one of cinema’s most filmed authors. Even now there are three more movies and two television series of his work in production. This one is from the novella, Secret Window, Secret Garden, featured in the compilation, Four Past Midnight. As in several of his best stories, such as Misery and The Dark Half, the central character is a writer.

In Secret Window, it’s Mort Rainey (Johnny Depp) a successful author tormented by a current, messy divorce from his wife, Amy (Maria Bello) that has brought on an extreme case of writer’s block. Mort has been drained of his energy and creativity and the words just won’t come; instead of writing, he is sleeping for hours in his lakeside cabin.

A knock on the door makes Mort’s life suddenly go from bad to worse. On his doorstep is a stranger named John Shooter (John Turturro), who accuses him of stealing his story. Shooter demands satisfaction and Mort’s efforts to pacify him only make him more hostile. There is a frightening suggestion that Shooter’s kind of justice could be rather extreme and, between the two men, a terrifying cat and mouse game begins. But as Mort’s efforts to find proof of his innocence become increasingly difficult, he begins to doubt his own sanity.
Drama, Mystery & Thrillers
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"Secret Window"
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Secret Window (Advanced Release)
Secret Window (Advanced Release)
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