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The Black Shield
Of Falworth
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This page was last updated November 28th 2002
Swashbucklers & Pirates
Film Facts:
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Starring Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh
TITLE : The Black Shield Of Falworth
DIRECTOR : Rudolph Maté
STARRING : Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Torin Thatcher, Barbara Rush, Herbert Marshall, David Farrar, Patrick O'Neal, Craig Hill, Dan O'Herlihy, Ian Keith, Doris Lloyd, Rhys Williams, Leonard Mudie, Maurice Marsac, Leo Britt.
* A timeless story of love, honor and glory!
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The time is England in the reign of King Henry IV. Miles (Curtis) is a headstrong, handsome peasant determined to learn the name of his slain father, and discover his true heritage. His fiery ambition and swift sword lead him to the majestic MacWorth Castle. A swashbuckling tale filled with jousts, jests and medieval superheroics.
Spartacus (Special Edition) [DVD] DVD
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Son Of Ali Baba(1952) VHS
Colorful adventure in Baghdad greets Tony Curtis, playing the dashing son of a wealthy former thief who gets wise to a scheme hatched by an evil Caliph to force beautiful kidnapped princess Piper Laurie into duping Curtis out of his riches. With Susan Cabot, Victor Jory and Hugh O'Brian. 85 min.

The Vikings [DVD](1959) DVD
Sweeping adventure saga of the Vikings' invasion of England features an all-star cast: Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Ernest Borgnine, and Orson Welles serving as narrator. Filmed on location in Scandinavia. 124 min.

The Count Of Monte Cristo(1975) VHS
Grand treatment of the Dumas adventure classic stars Richard Chamberlain as Edmond Dantes, who escapes from a jail cell after 14 years to claim the woman he loves and vengeance on the enemies who had him unjustly imprisoned. With Tony Curtis, Kate Nelligan, Louis Jourdan and Trevor Howard. 103 min.

Mission: Monte Carlo(1971) VHS
The dazzling gaming capital is also home to an international business conspiracy, and secret agents Tony Curtis and Roger Moore must play a game where the stakes are life and death. Susan George and Laurence Nesmith are also featured in this featured taken from two episodes of the hit TV series "The Persuaders." 96 min.

Kings Go Forth [DVD](1958) DVD
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Star Games(1997) VHS
A family adventure saga set on a faraway planet where a 10-year-old prince escapes from an evil empire by piloting a spaceship to Earth. There he meets a young Earthling boy who helps him in his quest to destroy the intergalactic bad guys. Tony Curtis, Travis Clark and Trevor Clark star.

The Mummy Lives(1993) VHS
When treasure-seeking intruders break into an ancient Egyptian crypt, they trigger a curse that sends reincarnated nemesis Tony Curtis out for vengeance (will he say "Yonda lies the pyramid of my fadda, da Pharaoh"?). Greg Wrangler, Leslie Hardy co-star. 97 min.

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The Immortals(1995) VHS
Eight strangers with a bizarre connection are recruited by a Mafia nightclub owner to recover four suitcases packed with stolen money. As the eight split off into teams and begin their dangerous cross-town search, they realize they're the pawns in a deadly game of double-crosses. Action-filled tale stars Eric Roberts, Tia Carrere, William Forsythe, Chris Rock and Tony Curtis. 92 min.

Tony Curtis
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Tony Curtis
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The Black Shield Of Falworth(1954) VHS
Exciting medieval adventure saga stars Tony Curtis as the son of a disgraced English earl who trains to become a knight. Along the way Curtis also manages to defeat a conspiracy to dethrone King Henry IV, reclaim his family's honor, and win the hand of fair Janet Leigh. Herbert Marshall, David Farrar and Barbara Rush also star. 99 min.

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Tony Curtis
Tony Curtis
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The Black Shield Of Falworth
Tony Curtis in The Black Shield Of Falworth