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Sword & Sandal
The Giant Of
Steve Reeves
& Mylène Demongeot
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"The Giant Of Marathon" Now on DVD :
TITLE :  The Giant Of Marathon
DIRECTOR : Jacques Tourneur
STARRING : Steve Reeves, Mylène Demongeot, Sergio Fantoni, Daniela Rocca, Philippe Hersent, Alberto Lupo, Daniele Vargas, Miranda Campa, Gianni Loti, Anita Todesco, Ivo Garrani, Franco Fantasia, Carlo Lombardi, Ignazio Balsamo & Sergio Ciani (aka Alan Steel).

* A Giant Among Men in a Gigantic Spectacle!
* In Daring Color!
"The Giant Of Marathon" DVD Synopsis:
"Steve Reeves" at Hollywood Teen Movies:
A Persian horde is poised on the plains of Marathon, set to massacre the population of Athens. Led by the bloodthirsty dictator Darius, the invading army outnumbers the defenders six to one. Despite these insurmountable odds, Athenian champion Philippides refuses to abandon hope. Embarking on an arduous journey to Sparta, the hero tries to enlist the help of the neighboring army before taking to the battlefield to defend his people. Betrayal, cunning and bloodshed mark the final epic clash as the armies rage across the battlefield to the seas and underwater.

"The Giant of Marathon" (released in Europe as "La Battaglia De Maratona") stars Steve Reeves, a pillar of the sword and sandal genre, as the hero Philippides. Director Jacques Tourneur's long-spanning career included such genre classics as "Cat People," "I Walked With a Zombie" and "Curse of the Demon." Italian horror legend Mario Bava is responsible for the stunning cinematography, which propels the gruesome battle scenes.
The Original "Hercules" Now on DVD :
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Steve Reeves
Steve Reeves
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Steve Reeves
Steve Reeves
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The Giant Of Marathon [DVD](1962) DVD
Steve "Hercules" Reeves plays the musclebound hero who defends Athens from Persian forces. A horse with incredible stamina, a double-crossing siren, epic land and sea battles and Reeves' amazing physique highlight this sword-and-sandal winner directed by Jacques Tourneur ("Cat People"). 90 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English; scene access. Plays All Regions.

Hercules [DVD](1957) DVD
The original "swords, sandals and sweat" spectacle stars Steve Reeves as the muscular Greek superhero who asks the gods to make him mortal so he can find love and share in the adventures of humans. His mortal adventures include falling in love with beautiful princess Sylva Koscina and going on a perilous journey with Jason in search of the Golden Fleece. 105 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English dubbed; scene access.

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The Giant Of Marathon DVD
Steve Reeves in The Giant Of Marathon