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The Man
Hong Kong
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This page was last updated October 5th 2002
TITLE : The Man From Hong Kong
DIRECTOR : Brian Trenchard-Smith

STARRING : Jimmy Wang Yu, George Lazenby, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Roger Ward, Ros Spiers, Rebecca Gilling, Frank Thring, Grant Page, Bill Hunter, Ian Jamieson, Sammo Hung

* Fast! Fierce! Fantastic!
Australian Cinema
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The Man From Hong Kong is 103 minutes of non-stop action opening with a spectacular kung-fu fight on top of Uluru. With explosions, car and helicopter chases, death-defying climbs up buildings and breathtaking hang gliding sequences, The Man From Hong Kong is an action-packed comic-strip style feature starring former James Bond actor George Lazenby, Jimmy Wang Yu (star of over 100 chop socky action films in Hong Kong) and Sammo Hung.

The Man From Hong Kong's energy and humour have made it a success across the world, so switch off your politically-correct inhibitors and settle back for a couple of hours of laughs and gasps.

NOTE: This top-notch kung fu film has just been given a widescreen DVD release. Unfortunately at this point in time it is only available for purchase in Australia.
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Return Of The Chinese Boxer(1975) VHS
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The Man From Hong Kong (VHS)

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