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Australian Cinema
Film Facts:
Starring Heath Ledger
& Bryan Brown
TITLE : Two Hands
DIRECTOR : Gregor Jordan
STARRING : Heath Ledger, Bryan Brown, Rose Byrne, Susie Porter, Steven Vidler, David Field, Tom Long, Tony Forrow, Mariel McClorey, Evan Sheaves, Steve Le Marquand, Kiri Paramore, Matthew Wilkinson, Mary Acres, Andrew Hunter.
* It seemed simple. Just deliver the cash.
* It was only one mistake, but it was a big one
Book: "Heath Ledger: The Heath Is On"!
The most brazen, guns-a-blazing crime thriller since Reservoir Dogs stared down the Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. It seemed simple. Just deliver the cash....but when Jimmy loses ten grand of dirty money, the underworld comes knocking. If there's no cash, there's no more Jimmy. Suddenly it comes down to one hour, one girl, one crazy idea and ten thousand reasons to risk it all. Astonishingly Stylish, Superbly Acted and Lethally Funny! If you want Goodfellas in thongs, see Two Hands!
Book Description:
Heath Ledger may come from the land Down Under, but he's taking Hollywood by storm! After starting out in local musical theater, this talented hottie left his hometown, Perth, and headed to Sydney to forge a career in television and film. Success came easily in Australia, with Heath landing roles in the TV drama Sweat, as well as some Aussie films.

Then, at 17 and with less than a dollar in his pocket, the precocious actor decided to try his luck in Los Angeles. He gained instant recognition starring opposite Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You, but the critical acclaim poured in after he nearly stole the show from Mel Gibson in The Patriot. And the rest has been Hollywood history. With lead roles in the eagerly anticipated films A Knight's Tale and The Four Feathers, Heath's career is on fire!

Now, read all about Heath: his family life, his hobbies, his attitude toward show business, and more. In The Heath Is On, you'll get all the info on this up-and-coming young star: gossip, anecdotes, horoscope, vital stats -- it's all in here! The Heath is definitely on!
"Two Hands"
DVD Synopsis:
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Heath Ledger at Hollywood Teen Movies
"Two Hands" Tony's Comments:
"Two Hands" is fast, funny and exciting, an Australian roller coaster ride of thrills, action and suspense. Heath Ledger and Bryan Brown are brilliant in this compelling tale of a teenager's plight against a ruthless mob boss. The film looks at the misadventures of teenager Jimmy (Heath Ledger) whose life is suddenly entangled with a bunch of dangerous hoods after he loses some of their mob money on a routine delivery. At the Australian Film Institute Awards (AFI) "Two Hands" won 5 awards including, Best Picture, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor - Bryan Brown. "Two Hands" is one the best Australian films of recent times. This Australian blockbuster is one film that will have you glued to your seat from start to finish.  
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"Two Hands" Now on DVD:
Heath Ledger: The Heath Is On! by Nancy E. Krulik
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger
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A Knights Tale
A Knights Tale
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Heath Ledger
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Heath Ledger
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10 Things I Hate About You: Music From The Movie
The Patriot: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
A Knight's Tale Soundtrack
Two Hands Soundtrack
Two Hands [DVD](1999) DVD
After losing $10,000 during a routine delivery, aspiring gangster Jimmy frantically tries to figure out a way to recoup the missing money. While he is tracked by an incompetent mob boss and several thugs, he begins a romance with a country girl. Will Jimmy be able to pay off the debt before it's too late? Pitch-black comedy stars Heath Ledger, Bryan Brown, Rose Byrne. 90 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English.

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Heath Ledger Book
Two Hands