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Ned Kelly
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This page was last updated February 24th 2004
A Fistful Of Westerns
Film Facts:
Starring Heath Ledger
& Orlando Bloom
TITLE : Ned Kelly
DIRECTOR : Gregor Jordan
STARRING : Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, Naomi Watts, Joel Edgerton, Peter Phelps
* You can kill a man. But not a legend
* When the law tried to silence him, a legend was born
* A film about the legendary outlaw whose story outgrew his life
Heath Ledger plays the legendary Australian bushranger who formed a gang with his brother and two other men in Victoria in the late 1800s. The film traces his life from his initial encounters with corrupt authorities to his daring robberies and ultimate historic showdown with police at Glenrowan. Also starring Geoffrey Rush, Naomi Watts, Orlando Bloom, Joel Edgerton and Peter Phelps.
"Ned Kelly" Cinema Synopsis:

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"Ned Kelly" Tony's Comments:
"Ned Kelly" is the big screen motion picture about Australia's most famous bushranger and it stars two of today's hottest stars, Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom. The film co-stars Academy award winner Geoffrey Rush and respected Australian actress Naomi Watts. This unique and long awaited Australian western hit Australian cinemas on March 27th 2003 and immediately renewed worldwide interest in the "Ned Kelly legend.
Book: "Ned Kelly : A Short Life" by Ian Jones
Book Description:
Renowned Australian authority on Ned Kelly, Ian Jones, shares the result of many years' research into the legendary bushranger's life. Ned Kelly emerges as a man who hated conflict yet never escaped it. A thorough account of a most remarkable life. Click the text link below for purchasing details:
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Mick Jagger's "Ned Kelly" Now on DVD & CD:
Ned Kelly (Ledger) and his brother Dan, sons of an Irish pig thief exiled to the Australian penal colony in 1843, formed the core of the Kelly Gang (with two other men), an outlaw gang (they were called "bushrangers", not "cowboys") that roamed across Australia for over two wild years. Kelly was a clever bandit, making his own homemade armor, including steel chest plates and helmets, to stop bullets from stopping him. Kelly was first arrested at 16 for horse stealing, but he became an outlaw when he killed a police officer who was harrassing his brother.
"Ned Kelly" Australian DVD Synopsis:
Ned Kelly: Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack
Ned Kelly : A Short Life by Ian Jones
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Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly
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Ned Kelly [DVD](1970) DVD
Mick Jagger dons a cowboy hat to play Ned Kelly, the legendary outlaw who enlists his family members to fight social injustices levied by Protestant colonialists against Irish-born Catholic settlers in late 19th-century Australia. Tony Richardson directs this exciting, beautifully-lensed film. With Geoff Gilmour, Mark McManus. 103 min. Soundtrack: English.

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Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly - Mick Jagger Movie Soundtrack
Ned Kelly A Short Life