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Weeks Notice
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This page was last updated February 12th 2003
Comedy, Romance & Slapstick
Film Facts:
Sandra Bullock
& Hugh Grant
TITLE : Two Weeks Notice
DIRECTOR : Marc Lawrence
STARRING : Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant, Mark Feuerstein, Alicia Witt, Dorian Missick, Jeff Aaron, Jason Antoon, Lainie Bernhardt, Heather Burns, Elizabeth Cherry, Jimmy Gary Jr. Dana Ivey, Tim Kang, Robert Klein, Jeya Larkins, David Mendell, Mike Piazza, Mandy Siegfried, Libby West, Katheryn Winnick.
TAGLINE :  Over. Done. Finished. A comedy about love at last glance!
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Is this the movie match made in Heaven? Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant - two stars who know a thing or two about comic timing - are teamed for the first time in the romantic comedy, Two Weeks Notice. She plays Lucy Kelson, a brilliant Harvard-trained and run-off-her-feet lawyer and he is her client, George Wade, a millionaire who is so self-absorbed that he can’t do a thing without her. So when Lucy hands in her notice, George does his best to stop her, but finally realises she means what she says. He makes a condition - she must find her replacement. That turns out to be the young and ambitious June Carter (Alicia Witt) who has her eye on the selfish, but charming George. Now Lucy is free to go her own way, live her own life and spend time with her boyfriend (Mark Feuerstein). But is there any chance that while they were in each other’s pockets day after day, Lucy and George did not notice there was some feeling between them…?
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Sandra Bullock
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