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updated Dec. 4th 2003
Romance Flicks
TITLE : Cocktail
DIRECTOR : Roger Donaldson
STARRING : Tom Cruise, Elisabeth Shue, Lisa Banes, Bryan Brown, Kelly Lynch, Gina Gershon, Ron Dean.

* When He Pours, He Reigns.
* They thought he was good, they were wrong... he was the best
"Cocktail" DVD Synopsis:
Tom Cruise
& Elisabeth Shue
Tom Cruise is electrifying as Brian Flanagan, a young, confident and ambitious bartender who, with the help of a seasoned pro (Bryan Brown), becomes the toast of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. But when he moves to Jamaica and meets an independent artist Jordan (Elisabeth Shue), their vivid romance brings a new perspective to the self-centred bartender’s life. He realises that he has found someone who can teach him some important truths about love, happiness, and most importantly, about who Brian Flanagan really is. Approximate Running Time: 98 mins
"Cocktail" on VHS & DVD:
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"Cocktail" Track Listing:

1. Wild Again - Starship
2. Powerful Stuff - The Fabulous Thunderbirds
3. Since When - Robbie Nevil
4. Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin
5. Hippy Hippy Shake - The Georgia Satellites
6. Kokomo - The Beach Boys
7. Rave On - John Cougar Mellencamp
8. All Shook Up - Ry Cooder
9. Oh, I Love You So - Preston Smith
10. Tutti Frutti - Little Richard
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Cocktail(1988) VHS
Cocktail [DVD](1988) DVD
It's risky business behind the taps and bottles of New York's bar scene, but cocky outsider Tom Cruise has dreams the color of money and all the right moves to become a libation legend and a top gun bartender. Can Elisabeth Shue's endless love change him, or does he risk losin' it all? Hit drama co-stars Bryan Brown as Cruise's mixological mentor. 104 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital 5.1.

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