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This page was last updated April 24th 2003
Comedy. Romance & Slapstick
Film Facts:
Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Anderson
Estella Warren & Christopher Walken
TITLE : Kangaroo Jack
DIRECTOR : David McNally
STARRING : Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Anderson, Estella Warren, Christopher Walken, Dyan Cannon, Michael Shannon, Marton Csokas, David Ngoombujarra, Brian Casey, Lara Cox, Bill Hunter.
TAGLINE : He stole the money... and he's not giving it back.
The Stars of "Kangaroo Jack" at Hollywood Teen Movies:
"Kangaroo Jack" Tony's Comments:
"Kangaroo Jack" (aka "Down and Under") is a road-trip action/comedy about two mates, (Jerry O'Connell & Anthony Anderson) who get involved with the mafia & are forced to deliver $50,000 to Australia. The adventure begins when the bumbling duo accidentally hit a kangaroo with their Jeep & then dress it up in a Red Brooklyn jacket & sunglasses (just like the movie poster) because they believe it would make an interesting photo. Unfortunately the kangaroo is still alive & hops away with the jacket that still contains the mob money. Estella Warren (Planet of The Apes & Driven) plays a wildlife researcher who joins the duo in their search for the kangaroo & the money. To add to all this mayhem, Mafia Boss, Christopher Walken sends his crazy hit-men down under to eliminate the boys. "Kangaroo Jack", filmed on location in the rugged Australian outback features a fantastic soundtrack, including the number one hit, "Hey Baby" by DJ Otzi.
"Kangaroo Jack" Movie Soundtrack:
The "Kangaroo Jack" soundtrack features the music of, Dj Otzi, Sugarbabes, Paulina Rubio, Lil' Romeo, Shaggy and lots more.
Click the text link below for more details:
Producer, Jerry Bruckheimer brings his moneymaking movie machine to the Australian Outback in his latest venture. Although Kangaroo Jack has been made more for laughs, there is still the requisite serving of Bruckheimer action. When he was a kid, Charlie Carbone’s mother (Dyan Cannon in an almost invisible role) married a mobster named Sal Maggio (Christopher Walken). An equally important event in Charlie’s childhood was his first encounter with Louis Booker, a young black kid who saved him from drowning.

Charlie is now grown up and played by Jerry O’Connell. Louis (Anthony Anderson) sticks to him like glue, won’t let him forget that he owes him his life and is always getting him into trouble - like when he persuades him to help him deliver some pinched TVs. This signals the first sequence of Bruckheimer bedlam when cops chase the guys through New York streets - which, for Sydneysiders, might look suspiciously familiar, despite all the snappy editing. The debacle ends with Louis leading the cops to a warehouse stacked with Sal’s hot property.

Sal punishes Charlie and Louis by sending them to the Back of Beyond somewhere in Oz (that’ll teach ‘em!) with a package containing $50,000 to be delivered to “Mr Smith” (Marton Csokas). Their delivery is delayed when the boys hit and - they think - kill a kangaroo. Before they continue on their way, they decide to take some snapshots, posing with the ‘roo which they dress in Louis’ red jacket. But it takes more than a bumper bar to bring down the mighty marsupial who wakes up and hops off still wearing the jacket. And $50,000 in one of the pockets.

Charlie and Louis then have to find a way to catch the runaway (and rich) ‘roo, before Mr Smith and his cohorts or Sal’s men, led by the snarling Frankie (Michael Shannon), catch up with them. Help and hindrance come from some of the locals, including wildlife expert, Jessie (Estella Warren), and Blue, the boozy bush pilot (Bill Hunter).
"Kangaroo Jack" Cinema Synopsis:
"Kangaroo Jack" now on VHS & DVD:
Estella Warren
Estella Warren
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Kangaroo Jack Soundtrack - Various Artists 2003
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Kangaroo Jack(2003) VHS
In this fun-filled comic adventure, Brooklyn hairdresser Jerry O'Connell joins pal Anthony Anderson on a trip to Australia to deliver cash to an associate of Christopher Walken, O'Connell's mobster stepfather. After arriving Down Under, a kangaroo the two pals accidentally hit with their car swipes the money, prompting a wild trek to find the high-hopping thief. With Estella Warren, Michael Shannon and Bill Hunter. 89 min.

Kangaroo Jack (Letterboxed Version) [DVD](2003) DVD
Kangaroo Jack [DVD](2003) DVD
Stand By Me
Stand By Me
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Estella Warren
Estella Warren
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Estella Warren
Estella Warren
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Kangaroo Jack