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"Beach Blanket Bingo" is the fifth film in a long-running series of beach adventures. This one features the King & Queen of the 1960's beach movies, teen idols Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello. It is considered by many to be the best in the series, if not, it is certainly the most famous.

While previous beach films focused on surfing, water skiing & bodybuilding this one takes on a new slant, skydiving. Avalon tries his hand at this new sport in an attempt to gain Annette's attention and win her love.

The film is packed with musical numbers featuring "The Good Times" by Frankie Avalon, "You'll Never Change Him" by Annette Funicello & the popular title tune "Beach Blanket Bingo"  a duet by both Avalon & Funicello.

Comedic bad guy & everybody's favourite, Harvey Lembeck (Erich Von Zipper) is given more screen time in this film. He even gets to sing his own song titled "I am my Ideal".

"Beach Blanket Bingo" also features a pre-Dynasty Linda Evens as well as a cast of talented comedians including Don Rickles, Buster Keaton & Paul Lynde, each bringing their own brand of hilarity to this classic beach film.

Avalon, Funicello & their beach buddies are at their peak in this zany, hilarious film & it shows. This fast-paced musical extravaganza will have you in stitches & asking for more. A timeless classic, not to be missed, don't rent it, buy it.
TITLE : Beach Blanket Bingo
DIRECTOR :  William Asher

:  Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, Deborah Walley, Linda Evans, Don Rickles, Harvey Lembeck, John Ashley, Buster Keaton, Paul Lynde.
* It's the wettest, wildest game in town.
* The Beach Party gang goes sky diving!

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Film Facts:
Above: A fantastic colour still from  "Beach Blanket Bingo" featuring,  Frankie Avalon, Linda Evans, Paul Lynde & with Annette Funicello in the background.

: Another great color still from " Beach Blanket Bingo" featuring all the gang on the beach having some fun.
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