Tony Curtis:
Hollywood Swashbuckler & Pin-up boy of the 1950's.
James Dean:
The "Rebel" who became an American Icon.
Elvis Presley: Movie Star & Legendary King of Rock 'n' Roll.
Frankie Avalon: The Big Kahuna, 1960's  Beach Boy.
"Hound-Dog Man", 1960's Pin-up boy & Heart-throb.
James Darren: Gidget's boyfriend & The Original Moondoggie
Pat Boone:
America's clean-cut boy with the white bucks.
Ricky Nelson: "Some people call me a Teenage Idol".
Hollywood Teen Movies
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Bobby Darin:
The Boy from the Bronx who went "Splish Splash".
Tommy Kirk:
Disney's All-American Boy
Tommy Sands:
Frank Sinatra's Son-In-law
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Paul Anka:
"I'm Just A Lonely Boy"
Troy Donahue:
A boy called "Parrish"
Sal Mineo
Dwayne Hickman
Tab Hunter:
Hollywood's Golden Boy
Michael Callan
Bobby Rydell
Tommy Steele
Cliff Richard:
Britain's answer to Elvis Presley
Billy Fury
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Elvis Presley
Frankie Avalon
James Dean
James Darren
Tony Curtis
Pat Boone
Ricky Nelson
Bobby Darin
Billy Fury
Tommy Kirk
Tommy Steele at Hollywood Cult Movies
Michael Callan
Troy Donahue
Bobby Rydell
Tommy Sands
Paul Anka
Tab Hunter
Sal Mineo
Dwayne Hickman
Cliff Richard
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