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Teen Movies Of The 1960's
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Tommy Kirk &
Annette Funicello
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TITLE :  Pajama Party
STARRING :  Annette Funicello, Tommy Kirk, Elsa Lanchester, Harvey Lembeck, Jesse White, Jody McCrea, Ben Lessy, Donna Loren, Susan Hart, Bobbi Shaw, Cheryl Sweeten, Luree Holmes, Candy Johnson, Buster Keaton, Dorothy Lamour, Frankie Avalon.
"Pajama Party" is a weird and wonderful entry in the long running Beach Party series.  This time round Annette Funicello teams up with her former Disney co-star Tommy Kirk for this hilarious pajama bash that is more sci-fi than Beach Party. Tommy Kirk's character is some what reminiscent of the one played by Jerry Lewis in the comedy classic "Visitor To A Small Planet". A number of the series regulars make appearances including Harvey Lembeck, Buster Keaton, Bobbi Shaw and although not in the starring line up Frankie Avalon still manages to turn up for a cameo performance as a martian leader. "Pajama Party" is a favorite for many fans and is certainly loads of fun.
* When the Pajama Tops meet the Pajama Bottoms someone's gonna have a Fit!
* This time the Beach Party lasts all night long!
Tommy Kirk at
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Elvis Presley
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Annette Funicello
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Venus- The Very Best of Frankie Avalon
The Best of Annette
Pajama Party(1964) VHS
Whacked-out AIP entry finds Martian Tommy Kirk landing on Earth to scope it out for a future invasion and finding romance with curvaceous Annette Funicello, much to the dismay of boyfriend Jody McCrea. Mix in Harvey Lembeck's Eric Von Zipper, a couple of crooks, Buster Keaton as Chief Rotten Eagle, Dorothy Lamour, and a pajama party thrown by Annette's aunt Elsa Lanchester, and you have a beach party classic minus the sand.

Pajama Party [DVD](1964) DVD
Annette Funicello
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Monsters Crash The Pajama Party [DVD](1965) DVD
A bunch of partying teenagers have a haunted house encounter with a diabolical scientist in this obscure horror/beach-flick blend that was shown in theatres with a live act (when the mad doc orders his monstrous henchmen to find new victims, ushers in masks roamed the aisles for female patrons!). Wow! Peter James Noto stars. 214 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; photo gallery; bonus short; audio commentary; art gallery; includes two pairs of 3-D glasses; more. Also includes the bonus feature "Tormented" (1960).

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The Very Best of Frankie Avalon
The Best Of Annette
Annette Funicello in Pajama Party
A Young Tommy Kirk
Tommy Kirk & Annette Funicello