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Teen Movies Of The 1960's
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Frankie Avalon, Fabian &
Annette Funicello
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"Fireball 500" & "Thunder Alley"
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TITLE :  Fireball 500
DIRECTOR :  William Asher
STARRING :  Frankie Avalon, Fabian, Annette Funicello
* They'll take a curve ... any curve!
* ...The guys who drive faster, love harder and swing higher than anyone else on earth!
* they treat their dames and their cars the same - ROUGH!
Two of the 60's most popular Teen Idols Frankie Avalon & Fabian team up with Annette Funicello in this enjoyable romp about stock car racing. The tagline on the film poster refers to the duo as "The guys who drive faster, love harder and swing harder than anyone else on earth." The plot sees Dave (Frankie Avalon) getting into trouble when he unknowingly transports moonshine liquor during a road race. Having the boys play stock-car racers was as a change of scenery from their usual Beach Party settings but it doesn't detract from any of the fun. Avalon & Fabian fans will love it.
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Annette Funicello
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Venus- The Very Best of Frankie Avalon
The Best of Annette
Turn Me Loose-Very Best of Fabian
The Best of Fabian
This Is Fabian
Fireball 500 (1966)/Thunder Alley [DVD](1967) DVD
Running moonshine through a small town on his way to Daytona, bootlegger Frankie Avalon competes with hot-headed local race car driver Fabian for the affections of Annette Funicello while evading a group of federal agents. The fast-paced comedic actioner "Fireball 500" also stars Chill Wills, Harvey Lembeck. Then, in "Thunder Alley," stock car racer Fabian is forced to retire after a blackout on the track leads to the death of another driver. Taking a job with Jan Murray's "thrill circus," he teaches Funicello and boyfriend Warren Berlinger to race, but when Fabian's old girlfriend causes friction between the trio, he must get back behind the wheel and overcome his affliction in this rubber-burning thriller from director Richard Rush ("The

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The Very Best of Frankie Avalon
The Best Of Annette
Frankie and Fabian in Fireball 500
Fabian, Annette & Frankie in Fireball 500