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This page was last updated February 10th 2003
Kung Fu, Action & Mayhem
Film Facts:
Starring Jackie Chan
& Owen Wilson
TITLE : Shanghai Knights
DIRECTOR : David Dobkin
STARRING : Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson, Fann Wong, Donnie Yen, Aaron Johnson, Aidan Gillen, Oliver Cotton, Jonathan Harvey, Richard Haas, John Owens, Richard Bremmer, Kim Chan, Eric Meyers, Daisy Beaumont, Stephen Fisher.
TAGLINE : A Royal Kick In The Arse
"Shanghai Knights" Cinema Synopsis:
Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson re-team for Shanghai Knights, the sequel to their 2000 comedy adventure, Shanghai Noon. In the first movie, Chon Wang (Chan), a fish-out-of-water Imperial Guard from China’s Forbidden City, teamed up with ad-libbing outlaw, Roy O’Bannon (Wilson) in America’s Wild West to track down a kidnapped Chinese princess. This time, however, both heroes wind up in the dark and unfamiliar backstreets of Victorian London.

Chon discovers that an English aristocrat called Rathbone (Aidan Gillen) has killed his father in an attack on the palace during which the Emperor’s jewel-encrusted Imperial Seal has been stolen. Seeking revenge, Chon’s sister, Lin (Fann Wong), has followed Rathbone to London and now Chon asks his pal, O’Bannon to travel there with him to stop the killer from carrying out his other nefarious schemes. As it happens, Rathbone is tenth in line to the British crown, but he intends to hasten the exits of the other nine with the help of some Chinese cohorts, including Wu Yip (Donnie Yen), the Emperor’s illegitimate brother, who has big plans for his own country.

Introducing a little friction into the proceedings and widening the cultural gap a little more between the boys is O’Bannon’s romantic interest in Chon’s sister, but that’s about as serious as things get. While comic moments and kung fu action fly thick and fast, the movie has fun introducing totally anachronistic film and music references including a nod to Singin' in the Rain that occurs during one of Jackie Chan’s imaginative fight sequences. There is also the appearance of real-life characters of the period such as Jack the Ripper, Charlie Chaplin and a cluey Scotland Yard detective known as Artie Doyle - read: Arthur Conan Doyle - to add more colour to the lively plot.
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The Stars of "Shanghai Knights"
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Shanghai Noon(2000) VHS
Jackie Chan makes the Wild West even wilder in this rambunctious ride, playing an Imperial Guard in China's Forbidden City in the 1880s who comes to America with three other guards in search of kidnapped princess Lucy Liu. After being separated from his compadres, Jackie teams with smooth-talking outlaw Owen Wilson to battle the princess's captors. With Xander Berkeley, Roger Yuan. 110 min.

Shanghai Noon [DVD](2000) DVD
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Shanghai Knights
Shanghai Knights
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Jackie Chan  Owen Wilson
Jackie Chan Owen Wilson
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Owen Wilson
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Shanghai Knights Movie Soundtrack Various Artists
Shanghai Knights Novelization by Ellen Miles
Shanghai Noon: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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