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This page was last updated August 21st 2003
Kung Fu, Action & Mayhem
Jackie Chan, Lee Evans
& Claire Forlani
TITLE : The Medallion
DIRECTOR : Gordon Chan

: Jackie Chan, Lee Evans, Claire Forlani, Julian Sands, John Rhys-Davies, Christy Chung

Just like "The Tuxedo", this Jackie Chan action-comedy is another gimmick film, complete with wire-work and CGI special effects. Chan plays a Hong Kong cop, who after a near-fatal accident involving a "Medallion" is suddenly transformed into an immortal warrior with special powers and superhuman strength. "The Medallion" co-stars, Claire Forlani (Boys And Girls), Lee Evans (There's Something About Mary) and Julian Sands (Leaving Las Vegas) as the villain Snakehead. Chan is still the man in this kung fu-action-comedy-fantasy-adventure. Fans of these genres won't be disappointed with this enjoyable romp.
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"The Medallion"
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The Medallion
The Medallion
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Kung Fu Masters
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