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This page was last updated March 7th 2004
Sword & Sandal Epics


Starring Gordon Scott
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(aka "Hercules &
The Princess Of Troy")

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Above :
A fantastic still from the Italian peplum "Samson & The 7 Miracles Of The World".
TITLE: Hercules VS. The Sea Monster
: Albert Band
: Gordon Scott, Paul Stevens, Mart Hulswit, Diana Hyland, Steve Garrett, Gordon Mitchell, George Ardisson, Roger Browne, Jacques Stanislawski, Mario Novelli, Dan Christian, Everett Sloane
Hercules VS. The Sea Monster: Video Synopsis
Once upon a time in ancient Troy a sacred flame burning bright meant a maiden was to be sacrificed. Once each month a brave group gathered on Troy's beach and while most Trojans hid in safety behind the city's walls, the chosen maiden would be sent to the altar rock, an offering to the sea monster. Princess Diana a maiden soon old enough to become Troy's queen is there. Petra, her uncle, now Troy's king, is there watching like the others as the high priest asks the girl to fulfill her destiny.  The Trojans know too well that only the sacrifice of a maiden can appease to gods. Only that gift will satisfy the Monster's appetite. Keep it at sea away from the city. Keep it from devouring the terrorized people. Hercules is mortal yet he has been given the strength of the gods. Ancient Troy awaits the destiny of Hercules Vs The Sea Monster.  

Hercules VS. The Sea Monster: Tony's Comments
"Hercules VS. The Sea Monster" is also widely known as "Hercules and The Princess of Troy". This film was Gordon Scott's final entry in the sword and sandal genre and was originally a television pilot for a proposed Hercules TV series. When the series never materialized Gordon Scott tried his hand at other genres such as westerns and secret agent spy films. "Hercules VS. The Sea Monster" stands out amongst the other Italian peplum films of the 60's as being the only one that wasn't dubbed. In this tale about the mighty strongman, Hercules battles warriors and a ferocious sea monster in order to save a princess and ultimately the legendary city of Troy. Unfortunately the film suffers from lack of length, as it is only about 50 minutes in duration due to the fact that it wasn't meant to be a full-length feature film. Gordon Scott is excellent as the heroic Greek demigod and his presence alone lifts the film above the norm. The Sea Monster of the title is better than most and the campy action sequences are great fun. "Hercules VS. The Sea Monster" is well worth a viewing and will certainly please fans of 60's peplum films.
The Mighty, Gordon "Tarzan" Scott with Diana Hyland & George Ardisson in this exciting Hercules adventure, "Hercules VS. The Sea Monster".
"Hercules vs The Sea Monster"
VHS Synopsis & Tony's Comments :
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Hercules And The Princess Of Troy(1965) VHS
Made in English as the pilot for a proposed Hercules TV series, this handsome adventure stars Gordon Scott as the heroic demigod, pitted against a giant sea serpent come to snack on its monthly sacrificial virgin. 50 min.

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