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This page was last updated March 6th 2004
Tarzan The Ape Mam
Starring Gordon Scott
Tarzan & Gordon Scott
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Starring Gordon Scott
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TITLE :  Tarzan & The Lost Safari
DIRECTOR :  H. Bruce Humberstone  
STARRING : Gordon Scott, Robert Beatty, Yolande Donlan,
Betta St. John, Wilfrid Hyde-White, George Coulouris, Peter Arne, Orlando Martins.

* The New Tarzan Picture! First Time In Color!
* All New!  Greatest of All!  First Time In Color!
* Adventure takes to the air in a safari by luxury plane!
* Tarzan saves survivors of crashed safari plane!

"Tarzan & The Lost Safari" was the first Tarzan movie to be shot in color & in Cinemascope. Former lifeguard & bodybuilder Gordon Scott stars as the jungle man. In this adventure Tarzan helps the survivors of a crashed safari plane & leads them to safety. As the plot unfolds the survivors are tricked into following white hunter Tusker Hawkins played menacingly by Robert Beatty. Hawkins attempts to sell the plane survivors to the savage Oparian tribe. An exciting finale sees Tarzan & cheetah rescue the members of the lost safari just before they are sacrificed to the lion god by the Oparian chief. It has been reported that Gordon Scott got along so well with the Masai tribe off-screen, that one of the natives nicknamed him "Warrior Who Climbs Tall Trees". Also, Gordon Scott's work with the animals was so up close & personal that one lion ripped open his leg for which he received 32 stitches. "Tarzan & The Lost Safari" was filmed on location in the Democratic Republic Of Congo & Uganda. "Tarzan & The Lost Safari is an enjoyable adventure & great fun for all ages. It has enough action & excitement to please fans of the genre.
A fantastic still from "Tarzan & The Lost Safari" featuring Gordon Scott in action against a hostile native.
Above :
A fantastic still from the Italian peplum "Duel Of The Titans". This was Gordon Scott's first film after he comleted his final Tarzan  flick. Scott's co-star in "Titans" was none other than Steve "Hercules" Reeves.
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Tarzan & The Trappers/Tarzan the Fearless
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Original Movie Poster
Gordon Scott in action
A memorable Gordon Scott moment
Gordon Scott in Duel Of The Titans